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Neurological and pathogenic mechanisms of urinary incontinence, therapeutic techniques

Недержание мочи Release year: 1978

Author: Gavrilyuk, A. I. Gavrilyuk, N..

Genre: Urology

Description: Auction disorders are quite considerable section of clinical medical science, in which interested specialists for urology, neuropathology, psychiatry, gynecology, endocrinology and other related industries.

Despite all the attention paid by specialists to the problems of innervation of majevica and physiological reactions, even in the twenty-first century in this difficult problem is still a lot unclear. In the dominant theory, there are serious contradictions as about the most theoretical part and is anatomically and physiological issues.

New and critically important in urology and gynecology are the studies on the afferent innervation of majevica and urethral channel, as well as specific areas of increased excitability, which open the key to the understanding of many pathological and genetic mechanisms of disease and methods of cure.