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Rules and mistakes when putting on a condom (how to do it right)

And you know how to correctly put on a condom? No, it's not banter. It would seem that there is a complex, but a no-no, and what happens a shit. If the ability to possess the fairer sex, especially if you could get a member in the rubber armor is beautiful and sexy, then she will deliver a man pleasure.

Why you need a rubber product №2

I do not like men to wear a condom! They push a sea of arguments against the use of protective equipment. But what would the representatives of the stronger sex is not asserted, the use is obvious:

  • First and foremost, as a contraceptive. Protection from unwanted pregnancy exceeds all known methods. Above only sterilization.
  • Is to protect men from sexually transmitted diseases, which is especially important.
  • Condom well protects against such viral diseases as AIDS and hepatitis.

The main task is to properly use the product. You have no idea how many mistakes can be avoided when donning a condom. What are the most common?

Basic mistakes

Table 1. Mistakes when putting on a condom.

№ p/p Error The nature of the error
1 The place of purchase Need to buy condoms in pharmacies or supermarkets. And it will be correct. In stalls and on markets often sell cheap imitations with expired or in violation of all norms of storage. The use of such protective means zero.
2 Packaging is opened incorrectly It is impossible to open packaging with a knife or other sharp objects. If the subject with ease cuts the packaging material, and thin material of products he can handle it freely.
3 The product takes place before the putting on member What men do not understand. To pull the expanded condom on cock stocking else pleasure. And the grease erased. The condom should be rolled.
4 Inside the condom leave the air This is wrong. Free space has to be at the tip of the condom. Almost every sexual act ends with ejaculation. The sperm and place also need. If you do not leave free space, then it breaks.
5 Before using the condom, don't view And suddenly it's broken or has holes? Before putting on the condom should be inspected.
6 Violated rules of storage The condom must be stored correctly. Not in purse, not in sunlight, and this is important because the product may suffer. In this case, the protective agent is not suitable for use.
7 To wear inside out Not understanding where the person is, and wherethe reverse side, users will first put wrong sides, and then having to quickly take off and put on correctly. Such cannot be done, as fully erect member already there special fluid that contains sperm. If you use this condom, barriers to pregnancy is not.
8 Too late to wear Part men wear the condom just before ejaculation, and before that, all hot process is carried out without protection. The meaning of such act is not perfect. The infection has already penetrated the body of men. If you wear a condom for fear of pregnancy, it is also useless, as in the secretions from the urethra are the sperm that have penetrated the female's genital tract.
9 Later removed Get out of your partner, otherwise you risk "losing" a condom. The cock after ejaculation is reduced in size, and no condom.
10 Reuse The condom should not be reused. He would not survive the onslaught breaks.

Think errors silly, but men are guilty of this. Rules and it is important to follow them. Consider how to properly put on a condom at home.

Rules for the use of the condom

These postulates are simple. The main thing ‒ to choose the right condom to the expiration dates were not expired, and the size to fit a man. The process of putting on is simple, if not clear, then duplicated the whole process on video. So:

  1. Place the condom nearby, so you do not spend time in search of the subject.
  2. When the excitement reaches a peak and the member becomes hard enough, the condom to be printed. To tear need hands.
  3. Make sure that the protective means you keep the right side up.
  4. Hold the tip of the product between the thumb and index finger. So the air is expelled from the product.
  5. Place the condom on the head of the penis and smooth motion expand the entire length of the phallus. If "rubber" is not rolled out, it is likely you wear it facing the wrong way.
  6. Are you ready to fight.

If the condom is no longer needed, clear it with the member and throw it in the trash. Not in the toilet, not the window and into the trash. If you plan the continuation of the Banquet, prepare a new latex armor.

Follow the simple rules and you will be protected from unpleasant consequences. Remember that a condom protects from STIs and from unwanted pregnancy. A pleasant pastime.