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An analysis of the effects on days to of the body when you quit Smoking

No one ever wondered what happens to body when quit Smoking? But the rejection of cigarettes is a strong stressor affecting physiological and psychological state of the person. To help cope with the withdrawal syndrome can a doctor, there are many methods of smoothing the abstinence syndrome and allows the person to live a full life. But of greater interest may be the change of the days inside the body quit Smoking, its physiological sensations, emotions, thoughts, feelings.

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New life of a seven-day period

In order to perform their state almost constantly, it will be possible to start a diary, it will help to focus on the main aspects, especially if the tobacco withdrawal took place abruptly. You should not consider consequences associated with Smoking, something special, on the contrary, every day is cleansing the body from harmful substances, which gives hope for a healthy and happy life without tobacco.

Most of the men, and they according to statistics from the who are heavy smokers, concerned about the following: how soon you feel the change? Everything is strictly individual and depends on the experience of the smoker, how the body is "impregnated" with resin, nicotine, carcinogens and products of burning tobacco. Doctors say that change begins the next day, but the full consequences of quitting can be assessed after several years. The harm of electronic cigarettes as a replacement for a real minimum, they shape in human behavioral habits.

What will happen to the body when you quit Smoking? The most important consequences are those that occur in the first year of struggle with a bad habit.

The first seven days


Thoughts and feelings

Physiological sensations

What happens


Confidence, pride, and joy from making a decision. Craving for tobacco is minimal, easily interrupted by extraneous thoughts.

Loss of appetite, slight dizziness, mild anxiety, poor sleep.

The amount of CO2 in the body decreases, O2 content increases due to the improvement of transport function of erythrocytes


The euphoria of throwing the cigarette is extinguished, there is irritability, the power of autosuggestion is weakened. Drowsiness abruptly goes into a power surge.

Craving for flavorful foods on the background of reduction of appetite. Shortness of breath, cough, frequent urination,pain in the abdomen. Bad dream, the feeling of itching and tightness of the skin.

The work of ciliated epithelium improved, a small amount of mucus, the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract begins to be updated. There are the first symptoms of nicotine cravings.


Nervousness increases, symptoms of cigarette addiction-expressed (withdrawal syndrome). Sleep alarming intermittently.

"Brutal appetite", drawn to sweet, changes in the digestive tract, dizziness, heart problems, ringing in the ears. You can observe skin rash.

Repair processes of ciliated epithelium of the bronchial mucosa started. The level of trypsin is reduced, the alkaline fraction of the pancreas increase the level. Mucus in the stomach becomes smaller. The blood flow to the brain and heart increases vascular tone stable. On a cellular level reduces the need for nicotine.


Aggressiveness and irritability relieved by drugs. Mood lability, sleep surface, men and women observed in the behavior of some confusion.

Noise in the ears, increased blood pressure, constipation, urination is normal. There is a feeling of a viscous lump in my throat, start coughing. Sometimes you can see the pronounced swelling of the face, fingers, ears.

You may experience slow operation of peristalsis, production of antidiuretic hormone is normalized. In the lungs quit Smoking ongoing reparative processes, bronchial secretion is normal. The bronchial tone is low.


The most difficult day. Euphoria gives way to poor health, thoughts about cigarette. The probability of failure is high.

Taste preferences are returned gradually, in the throat there is a feeling of loose mucous lump. When coughing up mucus dark thick.

Microtrauma in the language of the heal, started the regenerative processes in the depths of the broncho-pulmonary system. The tone of the intestine is low.


Syndrome returns, the mood jump, manifest attempts to find tobacco, it is difficult to hold back.

Observed vegetative disorders (hand tremor, nausea, sweating). Increased thirst, frequent urination, mucus streaked with blood while coughing.

Amount of mucus increases, the digestive tract is normalized. Cells of "white" blood first "grown up" without the influence of cigarettes


The feeling of emptiness that can feel the person abruptly quit. Everything connected with theSmoking, better to remove.

The mucus goes away, "lump" in the throat persists. Increased appetite, skin peeling.

Can be regarded as the alteration of the organism "life without cigarettes" finished, the recovery process is going.

  • The 2nd month.

And the next 3-4 months especially nice for women from the point of view of beauty. Unhealthy yellow fingers is reduced, couperose veins and gray complexion begin to fade. Although the acini have not yet started recovery, the vascular endothelium has been updated by 50-70 %. Still will cough and sputum, dry throat, exercise provoke fatigue and bouts of coughing. Persists a dependence on tobacco, but it becomes less pronounced, although the willpower and the support of loved ones is still required.

  • 3rd month.

Comes to normal vascular tone and begins their intense recovery. In this period formed the "point of no return", the physical dependence on tobacco has disappeared completely, the dependence of the psychological plan strongly reduced, although any attempt to smoke may trigger a return to the ranks of smokers. Appetite, feel good, sleep was normalized.

  • 6th month.

Refusal of cigarettes led to a complete renewal, blood and cells get rid of nicotine, the liver cells in the following months will work better. Acini of the lungs are cleared, it becomes easier to breathe, lung capacity increases. Six months later, the man hardly remembers about cigarette addiction.

  • Year.

The period when you can summarize. All of the hard work of overcoming addiction bore fruit, the risk of heart attack decreased by 50 %, stroke by 30 %, lung cancer and liver 80-90 %, gastrointestinal tract – 60-70 %, cancer of the lip is at 99-100 %.

Is it possible to adequately assess what happens to body when quit Smoking? Reviews show that in comparison most smokers have been able to understand how bad are cigarettes on the body. How much of the probability return to Smoking? Narcologists argue that the risk of return to Smoking is not the nicotine, but in the mind. Willpower and constant work on yourself – that's the key to success, health and longevity. Sometimes it helps, and encoding.

Several alternatives

Effects of quitting cigarettes much easier than those that occur, if a person smokes pot (acceptance of marijuana, marijuana, hashish). Dependence on marijuana or other soft drugs develops much longer, but all drugs from cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol that cause mental and physical dependence.

The effects of Smoking marijuana (hemp) for a long time does not appear, no matter whether clogged "herd" on an empty stomach or on a full stomach, ifSmoking occasionally, the syndrome is not observed.

It may seem that consumption of marijuana (marijuana) is much "cheaper" than regular cigarettes, because tobacco smokers consume per day from 7 to 20 cigarettes, and marijuana – no more than 3. But one serving of hemp is comparable to 7-8 cigarettes, if you smoke a lot, this can lead to undesirable consequences.

What happens to body when quit Smoking weed:

  • Withdrawal syndrome is observed in smokers with the experience (over 7-10 years).
  • After many years, the cancellation leads to memory impairment, lethargy, decreased activity, increased blood pressure, irritability, problems in the cardiovascular system.

The most difficult will be the mental effects of Smoking marijuana. If when Smoking (regular or electronic) cigarettes the mental dependence is relatively weak, the consumption of drug products from cannabis psychological dependence develops after a few "Bakuriani".

How easy it is to help the man when he decided to quit Smoking pot? To rely only on your own desire and will-power not necessary, the failure occurs quickly, and after a while of regular consumption is resumed.

Deception of the body with the help of electronic cigarettes doesn't work, abruptly quit Smoking weed need:

  1. The strong desire.
  2. The support of loved ones.
  3. Iron will.
  4. The help of a specialist.

In addition, it is important to eliminate all attributes associated with Smoking in particular, we should avoid the company of people, addictive weed.

So, when the man abruptly decided to quit, his body is a lot of positive moments. And the sooner turned away from the addiction, the faster the human body is restored and all the systems start working properly.