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An overview of the most effective pills prices and reviews

Pills hangover for many became a real salvation. After all, how many times a hangover brought a lot of inconvenience to everyone! Wide range of products is amazing. It is therefore important to review each title that we offer pharmaceutical companies know which drugs are most effective and what's worth drinking. And the reviews will help you to choose the most optimal way.

Main representatives and their description

Pills against hangover is a combination of various components, possesses antitoxic properties. Also, this group of drugs include painkillers and tonics.

The most common are aspirin and Advil. These drugs, of course, found in any home medicine Cabinet. But with regard to efficiency, then they are better than others. So, consider the names of the main representatives, who should drink, if you have a headache after the party:

  • ДринкOFF.

In its composition contains extracts of ginger, tea, Yerba mate, ginseng, licorice, Siberian ginseng, vitamins and antioxidants. The active ingredients accelerate the metabolism in the body after excessive alcohol consumption. That is, they help prevent hangover symptoms, but not curing it. However, if all the symptoms are there, the tool is effective against headache, and will help you sober up.

  • Zoreks.

Part of Zoreks includes a powerful antitoxic substance — unithiol. It is used even in case of poisoning with chemical compounds, heavy metals. The primary mechanism of action aims at accelerating the metabolic conversion of alcohol and the elimination of toxic substances. Components data capsule from the hangover have hepatoprotective properties.

  • Alka-Seltzer.

This effervescent tablets. The main component of this medicine for a hangover is aspirin. As a Supplement contains citric acid and baking soda. Aspirin helps with headaches, and auxiliary substances provide a fast absorption of components and equalize the acid-alkaline balance.

  • Alcolin.

This remedy against hangover is a combination of two amino acids: glutelin and arginine. If you drink glutargin, gradually improving detoxification function of liver, accelerate the processing and excretion of alcohol. It also notes neuro - and hepatoprotective action.

  • Alka-Prim.

In the composition of aspirin for a headache, soda to restore pH balance after drinking and eliminate thirst. Also, the pill contains glycine, which should be drunk as a protector of the nervous tissue. Moreover it neutralizes such harmful substancesas acetaldehyde.

  • Antipohmelin.

This is a dietary Supplement based on organic acids, glucose and vitamin C. Due to its composition of tablets help overcome a hangover after alcohol consumption. Means it slows the formation of toxic substances — products of alcohol, that is, begins to act on the stage of metabolic transformations.

  • Limontar.

A mixture of succinic and citric acids, activates metabolic processes at the cellular level. The result is utilization of all negative products of metabolism.

  • The my periodic sharpening.

The main components neutralize harmful by-products of alcohol. Neutralized the connection will not have such a negative impact on the body. If time to drink my periodic sharpening, will cease to disturb headaches, normal sleep, emotional state, and aktiviziruyutsya the work of all organs and systems.

Method of use

Now let's look at how to drink anti hangover, and how many pills. All funds from the hangover is a simple method of application. However, you must remember that drugs such as aspirin or Advil, should only be taken after a meal, as the active ingredient has a negative impact on the gastric mucosa.

ДринкOFF should drink before and after drinking 1 or 2 pills or the morning after the feast, but in this case it is better to drink at least 4 tablets at once. To achieve a therapeutic effect when symptoms of a hangover zoreks enough to drink 1 capsule before bedtime after drinking alcohol. Alka-Seltzer should drink 1-3 tablets at a time. But it is better to drink under the scheme or two before bed, two in the morning. Alcolin appoint 1-2 g one hour before drinking, for best results, recommended to take 1 g for half an hour after the last alcohol drunk drink.

These regimens help to get rid of all signs of fetal alcohol syndrome, including severe headache, General malaise. Unlike other means from a hangover, Antipohmelin is better to drink while drinking. Limontar should be drunk one hour before drinking alcohol and after a feast and the next morning.

What not

Range of contraindications is small. All preparations of this group do not have fundamental differences in contraindications. In General, we can identify the following circumstances under which it is better not to use anti-hangover tablets:

  • Allergic reaction in history.
  • Severe violations of the liver and kidneys.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

For pills containing aspirin, contraindication to be ulcerativedisease of stomach and duodenum in the acute stage, and hemorrhagic diathesis. So before you choose which pills to drink, do not forget about their negative impact on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.

The cost

Pills hangover available in any pharmacy and even at the checkout in the supermarkets. Therefore, purchasing them will not be difficult. And the choice, what to buy, depends on personal preference. And of course, an important aspect is how much a particular drug. The table shows what means against hangover and alcohol withdrawal are the most popular as well as their price.

The name of the drug Price, RUB.
ДринкOFF capsules 0,4 g № 5 120
Zoreks capsules 250 mg + 10 mg, № 2 160
Zoreks capsules 250 mg + 10 mg, № 10 520
Zoreks effervescent table. No. 10 200
Alka-Seltzer effervescent table. No. 10 230
Alcolin 1 g, No. 2 120
Alcolin 1 g, No. 10 300
Alka-Prim instant table. 330 mg, № 2 110
Alka-Prim instant table. 330 mg, № 10 260
Antipohmelin, table, No. 6 50
Limontar table. 250 mg № 30 95
The my periodic sharpening Gran. 28,5 g 100

Pills hangover is an effective tool to be used after a successful feast. Numerous reviews are not allow to doubt in a positive result after their admission. So if you have a background of alcohol consumption headache, thirst, marked dryness of the mouth, nausea, you should drink one of these drugs from a hangover.



Drink very seldom. I guess that's why the next day after the feast for me real torture. But to improve well-being for myself, choose my periodic sharpening. Judging by the user, the substance is completely harmless, and the hangover Oh, how good saves.


We celebrated with friends birthday. And the next day I had to go to work. And here, a friend told me Alka-Seltzer. Treated initially skeptical to all sorts of similar things. But this time the result was struck — the drunk was a lot, but the morning was as fresh as a cucumber.


With a hangover always struggled with the help of aspirin. But then I learned about the existence of combined aspiranturas funds. Indeed, their efficiency is much higher than normal. As a result of applying no signs of a hangover the next morning was not only a couple of times it dried a bit, that's all.