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Photo of the foreskin in men and its pathologies

The foreskin covers the glans penis, a part of the external structure of the penis. Its main function – protective, it maintains the integrity of the head, prevents it from drying and inflammation of meatus. The foreskin in men is a special fabric that is intermediate between skin and mucous tissue, it can be compared with age, the lips or the anus. The unique innervation of the prepuce and makes it even an erogenous zone.

The foreskin can be easily stretched to ensure better mobility of the penis and does not create discomfort when experiencing an erection. Sliding action of the prepuce is necessary for performing normal sexual intercourse.

Pathological condition – phimosis, narrowing of the foreskin, difficulties with the exposure head shown surgery. But phimosis is not an indication for circumcision, there are many modern alternative interventions to the structure and function of the foreskin to leave intact. Inflammatory processes in the prepuce can be prevented if you follow basic rules of hygiene daily.