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After the fall there was pain in the groin, you should consult a doctor?

Michael: Good morning. January 1, after the fall there was pain in the groin. After 3 days everything has gone blue in the affected area, including sexual organ. Then under the skin in the groin area where there was injury, was palpable - the size of a large bean, which when pressed, pain is felt. Blue with a groin goes, but very slowly.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Michael! The groin injury is very serious, so as soon as possible to address to the urologist. Possible penile fracture, and it is fraught with consequences that threaten the entire reproductive system in men. Even in the absence of violation of the integrity of the tissues there is a danger of abnormalities which, if not timely treatment will be irreversible. Refer to the urologist. Get an ultrasound and get tested. I wish you health.