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About the symptoms and treatment of prostate cancer

The diagnosis of "prostate cancer" for many men sounds like a death sentence. It is known that the percentage of survival in malignant tumors of various origins, especially in the elderly, very small. Some consolation can be the fact that prostate cancer grows slowly and at successful coincidence of circumstances the man will be able to have time to die of natural causes, never feeling the devastating symptoms of prostate malignancy.

здоровая пища
So, what is the diet suitable for men who do not want to know what is adenoma, prostate cancer, which can greatly increase life expectancy:

  • Fresh vegetables, berries, greens, nuts and fruits.
  • A diet high in fiber.
  • Eliminate foods with a high content of simple sugars, good for the body they bring, but raise insulin, the main instigator of cancer.
  • A diet low in animal fats.
  • Fish and acid omega-3, omega-6 (mackerel, salmon, tuna, trout in any form, except fried).
  • Baked, boiled, steamed dishes are preferable to fried.
  • The minimum of alcohol, frequent use increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. The exception of natural wine, but also in limited quantities.

Of course, prevention of any disease is much more effective for her treatment, so in a lifetime you need to follow some simple rules that boil down to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which greatly depends on the person.