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How to choose size of condom to protect himself and not be trapped

Yearbook STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) studies were published by the American Institute of sex to them. A. Kinsey. According to these studies, 45% of men want so badly to have a long and thick penis that even condoms buying "oversized".


Why is it done? Someone wants to proudly look into the eyes of the seller from the pharmacy. And someone thinks that the woman will pay attention to packing, but did not notice that the penis condom is a bit loose.

Such men make a big mistake – rubber protection must be matched perfectly in size. Why? Here are a few arguments:

  1. The tip of the condom is not stretched to the penis, can be jammed and cause discomfort both to the man and his partner. Among those who correctly selects the size of the rubber product, is six times more common complaints of irritation of the genital organs.
  2. Men choosing condoms of the wrong size, is three times more issues with erection and ejaculation during sex. This is partly due to excitement about how the partner might not observe the deception.
  3. If the condom is hanging on the man, the contraceptive could easily come off during sex, for example due to too vigorous movements. This increases the risk of catching any sexually transmitted disease or "miss" sperm.

Conclusion: before going to the pharmacy it is necessary to make some measurements of the penis – those sizes to choose condoms. Buy contraceptive "by eye" or on the principle of "let it be a little more" is wrong and even dangerous.