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Details about the psychology of relationships between man and woman

What is the psychology of men in relationships? How to understand what they are experiencing to a particular woman and what to expect from a relationship in the future? To these questions there is no simple answer. Yin and Yang ‒ two polar beings, constantly tending to each other, but are not always able to live peacefully with each other. Why is this happening and what is the role of psychology in the relationship between two people is given a strong floor? Try to understand.

мужчина и женщина за столом картинка

We are different but we are together

How to understand man? If a woman is an open book (a book about quantum physics in Chinese, but it's open), the stronger sex, from the point of view of the fair sex, is an ancient manuscript, to decipher which is only the exceptional person. Even the man himself sometimes unable to explain the motives of their actions, passions or desires.

Important! A man cannot "think through," he hears subtext in what that woman said the phrase, he was indifferent to the emotional coloring of words. He takes everything stated literally.

A few significant differences:

  • A greater percentage of men seek to distance themselves (to escape) from the relationship women, however, seek to them.
  • The man believes the relationship (dependency) painful and is afraid of commitment because of the innate selfishness and fear.
  • For the Cavaliers values in life remain freedom and independence, women prefer partnerships and close relationships.
  • He is looking for a solution to the problem, and she just wants to be heard. That's why, when she tells something and the partner immediately gives the Council redress the situation and prevents the flow of speech", it greatly offends.
  • "No" means "Yes"! The cornerstone of all the misconception that arise between partners. Knight will never be able to guess that the lady sometimes says "no" because of the natural coquetry and the desire to be pougovarivat, waiting, giving the relationship more emotional connotation. He also believes that excessive emotion to anything.
  • "Don't come near me, I was offended", and what and why – guess myself! And when he loses this game, the offense becomes even stronger, she immediately decides that her "do not like, not appreciate, do not understand."
  • Men are annoyed by the constant talk about relationships.
  • Excessive care, attention, warmth and leaves the man free space for maneuvering and makes you feel guilty.
  • He says Yes but means no, just to get rid. Men live by reason, ignoring feelings, by any means away from the conflict and resolve disputedonly about their desires? By the way, feminism has not been canceled, but that's a different psychology.

    Young girls longed for princes, must understand a simple truth ‒ that will protect them in the future adult life a lot of trouble: men do not want to do! They used to live at the expense of mom that I want the same, only now due to the wife. Bad? They would only do its job. With pleasure. However, provided that the wife will never deny, tired and sick. And in General, to do all the work.

    Of course, in fairness it should be noted: men seeking relationships with woman and taking care of everything, not too little. But the percentage of "man-woman" them with the psychology of relationships is much less what people have to put up with.

    There are age-specific relationship between a man and a woman. With age, values and preferences are changing and, consequently, changing the idea of the image date. For example, in 20-25 years male only wants pleasure and the girl fight on her charm. By age 30, many men have the idea that you need to provide a decent standard of living for themselves and their families, care career, so I must be a caring woman who provides his life.

    For 40 years there is a radical rethinking of the relationship and if the man decides that family life had not happened (in his opinion), he goes to seek out a new relationship on the side. In this period most of the marriages concluded at a young age, is falling apart.

    Indifference, how can we fight it?

    Indifference to the partner is feeling does have any girl, but she prefers to ignore, believing this attitude is temporary. But in vain – in the end everything ends up on the initiative of men.

    Why is this happening? The psychology is simple: a man initially seeking only sexual release is purely animal impulse (the woman "serious relationship") and suitable partner. If the woman was in such a good plan, it starts looking closer to it. Sometimes this "box" can emerge and long-term relationship. But most often for sexual release a man gets with a woman who doesn't fit his parameters, but is quite good for temporary pleasures. Get what you want, it disappears, making no attempt to develop relations, but occasionally can return, "to get a prize and disappear.

    It is clear that a woman such indifference frustrating, she begins to invent a thousand excuses for his behavior, sincerely not understanding why, having all the qualities for marriage, she is not getting offers. And "casket justopened" ‒ it is not what you need in a woman it was to this man, and it may be that the smallest preference (for example, blue eyes) that the man himself is not always able to voice it.

    What to do, how to develop such a relationship between a man and a woman? Psychologists are uniquely answer: no way! A woman trying in every way to bind a man performs a boondoggle, nothing but frustration and a nervous breakdown, it does not receive.

    How to recognize a man who you care about? It is important to pay attention to the following "stuff" when a man:

    • Not calling refers to permanent employment.
    • In response to your gifts manifests coldness and indifference.
    • Discusses you and intimate exploits with friends.
    • Refuses to be there when "bedding" do not Shine.
    • Does not want to get acquainted (familiarize) with relatives.
    • Openly flirting with other women.
    • Prevents psychological proximity.
    • Any request responds evasively, and, of course, does nothing.

    And finally. Psychology of relationships between two people, though given by professionals to a more or less clear systematics, but each pair has its own beliefs, nuances, circumstances. So you should not focus on the relationship of friends, neighbors, and try to understand what's best for your relationship, maybe their absence.