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All types of lubrication gel Durex (Durex): the composition and how to use instructions (with reviews)

We all know that the quality of sex is directly dependent on his comfort. The lack of natural lubrication and the accompanying irritation, pain, small injuries will contribute to the rejection of normal sexual life can lead to stress, lack of self-usefulness. In such situations, so that nothing could distract from the pleasant experience, and sex brought only pleasure, will help the gel lubricant Durex (Durex).


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Gels lubricant or lubricant — special cosmetic products for intimate use. Their moisturizing, protective and softening properties designed to create perfect comfort during sexual intercourse. Currently, Durex, like other manufacturers of intimate products, produces several types of lubricants:

  • Treatment. The components included in their composition, not only protect the delicate mucous membranes and help to relieve irritation and promote healing of minor injuries.
  • Flavoured, stimulating. Create comfort, in the mood, and even have a stimulating effect by the addition of aphrodisiacs.
  • Prolonging the pleasure. Able to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and delay ejaculation.
  • Anal. Designed to provide comfort during anal sex. Often contain anesthetics and healing components.
  • For oral sex. Taste good and the most safe composition.
  • With a warming effect. Heighten sensations during sex due to the warming effect, which is confirmed by customer reviews.

Everyone can choose for themselves the gel lubricant Durex, which he is best suited, considering sexual preferences and indications. They are slightly different in composition and characteristics of the application, but have similar advantages. So what is needed is an intimate gel lubricant? Functions:

  • Protects the sexual organs from damage.
  • Reduces discomfort and pain with a lack of natural lubrication.
  • Helps to diversify the sexual life and gives a new sensation.
  • Moisturizes the delicate genital mucosa and cares for her
  • Has antiseptic properties (some types).

For reviews, Play Feel is the most popular product in the intimate funds. Suitable for Allergy sufferers, as it has the most simple structure. Fully compatible with condom use.

  • The gel Durex Play Heat. It has a warming effect. To intensify your sensations, you need to blow on the surface of the skin, lubricated by lubricant (this is what tells you to make manual). Recommended for vaginal and oral sex. No effecton the pH of the vagina and does not contain sugar.

Composition — water, and then, the gel lubricant is easily washed off and will not leave residue on underwear and clothes. Remember that this lubricant is Durex (Durex) is not a contraceptive as it does not have in its composition a spermicidal components. Compatible with the condom.

  • Lubricant Durex play Sensual Massage 2 in 1. Has increased the volume of the tube, as it can be used not only for sex but for a massage. Additional sensuality will ensure the aroma of the ylang-ylang is a famous aphrodisiac.

Suitable not only for common but also for an intimate massage. Will not leave residue on underwear and clothes is easily washed off with water and is suitable even for very sensitive skin.

  • The gel Durex play Stimulating Massage 2 in 1. No wonder the manufacturer of Durex added in the title the word "Stimulating", because this type of gel lubrication, in addition to the main effect has also arousing. Stimulating gel can be used for intimate erotic massage.

Has excellent lubricating and sliding properties, does not dry out too quickly and gives new and unexpected sensations. While the soothing aroma of tropical guarana is a nice touch, a final good impression from the use of Durex Stimulating.

  • Lubricant Durex play Soothing Massage 2 in 1. The composition of this lubricant comes with aloe, giving it additional moisturizing and protective properties. Suitable for General massage, and intimate. Contains no added fragrance, which is important for people with allergies. Fully compatible with the use of condom as a water-based gel lubricant does not affect latex.
  • Durex gel Play Tingle. The cooling lubricant in the line of Durex. Tingle in the composition include menthol, calling the effect "frosty tingling" of the skin or mucous membranes. Also a distinctive feature of the product is the ability to affect the duration of sexual intercourse. Menthol due to the cooling effect has a slight anesthetic effect on the penis reduces its sensitivity that will prevent premature ejaculation.