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Congestive prostatitis and related diseases - how to treat?

Alexander: Hello. Caught a bad cold after visiting the baths, after 3 days tingly scrotum was intermittent itching, visual changes, no. After 10 days passed: the analysis for STIs (negative), the tank sowing (hemolytic aureus), MC smear, ultrasound of the prostate (calcification, moderate diffuse changes).

Was diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis, the therapy has passed, but itchy as a result and has not disappeared. Subsequently, there was redness in the groin, rubbed Akriderm GK, but did not help. Went to the dermatologist, gave a sample which showed "parasitic spores", assigned treatment redness is gone and no itching. What do I do how to treat next?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. You have all the symptoms of congestive prostatitis, so you need to treat it bacterial, fungal and viral flora is not to blame.