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Does the vehicle "Soyuz Apollo" to cure prostatitis?

Anatoly: Hello. Chronic prostatitis – my constant companion in life. I think I went through all available means offered for its elimination, including alternative and folk. Recently I came across information about the device "the Union-Apollo", where it says that it can help to cure prostatitis without medication. Is this true, how CA effective?

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. About the effectiveness of the "Soyuz Apollo" in the circle of experts is a lot of controversy, there are advocates of treatment of prostatitis with it, but there are opponents. Theoretically, SA should work, but definitely not with such efficiency, which the manufacturers claim. In addition, no scientific arguments in favour of no, he has not passed a serious of clinical trials, which automatically puts into question its therapeutic qualities. Despite this, there are men who are "Union-Apollo" really helped, but in this case do not forget about the placebo effect. The only thing we can say for sure that in medical institutions the machine SA is not used. Therefore, the choice is purely yours.