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If enema for prostate and how to apply them?

Sergey Maksimovich: Hello. Many have heard that you can instead of hospital treatment to use at home enema for prostate. This is really so or not, and what enemas will be effective and easy to implement at home? Thanks in advance.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello. Enema (microclysters) for prostatitis really very effective, but only as adjuvant therapy. When properly used enemas relieve inflammation, pain, improve well-being. Usually used water, medicine and oil microclysters. But it is important to remember that all types of enemas there are contraindications, therefore, to assign themselves their own and as a primary treatment is not necessary. It is important to remember that the therapeutic effect, if the volume of the enema from 30 to 100 ml will be a long time is in the rectum, if after the introduction of the solution will immediately have a bowel movement, then the effect will be zero. Enemas are contraindicated in inflammatory processes in the intestine, hemorrhoids, acute course of prostatitis (exacerbation), tumors of the intestines.