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Is it safe the drug decreased in the accounting of after a heart attack?

Nina Kirillovna: Hello! Please tell me whether it is possible to take pills from prostatitis decreased in the accounting of the man, who had a heart attack 4 years ago and the host at the moment drugs for the heart, such as Prestarium, Epilog Simvastatin.

The answer of the doctor-doctor: Hello, Nina Kirillovna! Universal drug for the treatment of prostatitis not. Exclusively of the drug decreased in the accounting will not be enough. The types of prostatitis are different and they are treated differently. So first of all, if you are not assigned the treatment of prostatitis, I recommend to start with examination of the andrologist (urologist): total smear+PCR+secret of the prostate, ultrasound of the prostate. And only after that to adjust the reception and combination of drugs from prostatitis, and for the heart. Independently to buy and drink the decreased in the accounting is not desirable. I wish you health.