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All about the causes and treatment high (high) hemoglobin in men

Increase the blood hemoglobin level is a fairly common problem that occurs in men of all ages. All of us have heard about the danger of lowering the hemoglobin, but the damage increase is not known to everyone, and for good reason – such as to the body, sometimes no less dangerous and may cause development of serious pathologies. About how dangerous high hemoglobin in men is why it increases levels and what to do if this happens in our article in order.

What is the norm and why it increases

The rate of hemoglobin in the blood in men can vary slightly, depending on their age. On average, it varies from 130 to 160 g/l. Insignificant deviations from the norm are not the body particularly at risk. If hemoglobin increased by more than 10-15 units, it must lower.

There are the following causes of high hemoglobin level in the blood of men:

  • Intensive exercise, physical work

It has long been noted that men actively engaged in sports or engaged in intense physical labor, the hemoglobin level rises above normal. This is especially noticeable with skiers, skaters, cyclists and those who enjoy Jogging. In this case, the increase in hemoglobin is a compensation reaction of the body related to the increased demand of tissues in oxygen.

  • Accommodation in the highlands or climbing

In this case, the level of hemoglobin in the blood in men is also increased as a compensatory reaction of the organism due to lack of oxygen in the highlands air. This phenomenon is physiological and is not a pathology.

  • Smoking

This habit is also the reason for the increase in men, hemoglobin in the blood. This is due to deterioration of the tissue supply with oxygen due to pulmonary insufficiency. This phenomenon can be observed if for many years to smoke large amount of cigarettes daily.

  • Excess b vitamins (in particular of cyanocobalamin and folic acid)
  • Cancer
  • Endocrine disorders (diabetes)
  • Pathology of the cardiovascular system
  • Bowel obstruction

How is it manifested

High hemoglobin level in men is almost same as low. You may experience General weakness, fatigue, depression, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, pallor of skin and mucous membranes, blurred vision, and impairment of function of the urinary organs. Despite the fact that high hemoglobin used to be considered less dangerous to men's health, at emergence of the first signs of improvement in his level definitely should be lower. Danger highhemoglobin is not only the deterioration of health of men but also in increasing the risk of development of hypertension, thrombosis of blood vessels, and also the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes.

How to fix the pathology

Treatment for high hemoglobin depends on its cause. If the reasons for its increase are the diseases that contribute to changes in the blood composition, we first need to carry out their treatment. The most common medicines that help to thin the blood and lower hemoglobin are:

  • Aspirin.
  • Trental.
  • Has chimes.
  • Cardiomagnyl.

During medication mandatory supervision of a physician to establish the optimal doses and duration of treatment. During the treatment of high hemoglobin is contraindicated vitamin or mineral complexes, supplements containing the b vitamins, C, iron or copper.

An important role in the treatment of high hemoglobin in men plays a proper diet. In this case, the diet should limit the intake of iron. Proper diet involves the rejection of such foods as:

  • beef, pork, lamb;
  • by-products;
  • salted, smoked, dried and dried fish;
  • eggs;
  • buckwheat, wheat and oats;
  • mushrooms and some vegetables (radishes, beans, beets, rhubarb, spinach);
  • red berries (blackcurrant, raspberry);
  • some fruits (oranges, pomegranates, apples).

But the dishes cooked with other vegetables or chicken, will help to reduce the hemoglobin to a normal level. In addition, diet completely excludes the consumption of alcohol, which further thickens the blood and increases hemoglobin. Such a diet provides for the restriction of income not only iron, but also vitamin C, stimulating the absorption of this trace mineral.

Tangible results brings treatment of folk remedies such as eating salads, goutweed, fireweed or woodlice. A well-proven treatment with Shilajit for the special scheme. However, it should be remembered that the treatment of folk remedies is appropriate only in those cases where the cause of pathology are not an internal disease. Perhaps the treatment method of hirudotherapy, but it is not for everyone because of its specificity.

These methods of treatment should be used alone only after complete medical examination and accurate identification of the causes of pathology. This will allow you to quickly reach the recovery and will protect against more serious consequences.