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How useful and reliable is why birth control pills for women

Condoms the easiest and most secure method of contraception. And birth control pills is the most convenient. Usually only two are given facts and end all the awareness of most people about how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. Primarily this is because in our country sex education for young people and its ignorance about modern methods of protection.

Женщина сидит на полу

It's time to fill the gap. Today we talk about oral contraceptives, as around this security has developed too many myths. Here are a few facts about pills for unwanted pregnancy, in my opinion, such information needs to know every modern lady.

Quality tablet good for health

In America and Europe, the contraceptive pill is used by more than 50% of women. In our country this figure is much less – only 5%. Because of the ignorance of our compatriots believe oral contraceptives are harmful, and therefore avoided them.

However, this information is outdated. This before the pills could harm the health of the person who took them. Modern drugs, on the contrary, even useful:

  1. Tablets containing Progestogens and estrogens, inhibit age-related changes. For example, they improve the production of collagen (it makes the skin elastic and does not form wrinkles).
  2. The use of combined oral contraceptives helps to get rid of the symptoms of skin diseases. First and foremost cure from acne that affects 50% of ladies with the peak of reproductive age (between 18 to 32 years).
  3. Modern birth control pills have anti-androgenic properties, so the myth that contraceptives start to grow rapidly hair on the body, is a myth. On the contrary, if the woman previously suffered from excessive hair growth on the feet and hands, from the beginning of taking the pills everything returns to normal.
  4. But the hair from oral contraceptives become more dense and healthy. This is because well-chosen pills normalize the hormones, and the body is better able to absorb nutrients that affect the condition of hair. Also for these reasons, better nails and teeth.
  5. From modern contraceptives more than do not get fat. The myth that a woman taking birth control pills immediately began to gain weight, not unfounded. The earliest contraceptives, in fact, provoked the accumulation of fat and excess delay fluid in the body. However, modern drugs are improved and, on the contrary, is ableto normalize metabolism.
  6. Oral drugs reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer by 25%. Moreover, studies have shown that reducing the risk of cancer persists even after discontinuation of contraceptives (i.e. within 5-10 years).
  7. If a woman takes a hormonal contraceptive for at least 10 years, it ensures that the menopause will be transferred easier.
    Clinical studies have proven that regular intake of pills reduces the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke almost in half. Moreover, the drugs prevent the development of cataracts and osteoporosis, which are common for women during menopause.

Now important warning about the hormonal pills.

All of the above benefits of oral contraceptives applies only to high-quality and well-chosen tablets. Now drugs from unwanted pregnancy visible-invisible. And they differ not only names and prices.

Different birth control tablets is different and the composition and concentration of hormones. So to pick up contraceptives should only be a doctor, considering age, lifestyle, overall hormonal balance and the presence of any disease. Own woman can pick up the wrong medication, resulting in negative consequences for her health.