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What is the replacement for the cigarettes if quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the most common addictions. It is hard to meet someone, never in my life not tried to smoke a cigarette. Someone, trying, stop, and someone finds the cigarettes calm and enjoy the process. With any addiction is difficult to treat. Harder if this craving is unhealthy, but positive emotions, a sense of protection come with her. In his youth, received the habit, we are realizing all of its damage directed all efforts of the organism to combat the harmful passion in already a Mature age but to replace it is not so simple. There are many disputes about physiological and psychological dependence on cigarettes and nicotine. You can even learn how to quit Smoking using electronic cigarette. But the fact remains – to fight against Smoking is not so easy as it seems dedicated to. Without motivation and will power is clearly not cope. Help potential of ex-smokers will be knowledge about how to actually replace cigarette when you quit Smoking. All this will be discussed in this article.

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Methods of avoiding addiction

All existing methods of dealing with Smoking can be divided into two large groups:

  1. Alternative ways of employment of nicotine.
  2. Distraction from nicotine addiction methods of psychological and physical control.

In the first case, a person can take the place of the Smoking habit, a ritual to light a cigarette and inhale vapours of smoke. The exception is electronic cigarette. According to the stated qualities, it reduces only the effects of the by-products of Smoking when nicotine enters the prohibitively high doses. But addiction to nicotine remains, and in the future will gradually accustom the body to live without this doping, trying something to replace it. In some cases this approach is justified, after deciding to quit, we ruthlessly condemn your body to stress and illness. And gradually reducing the nicotine, you can smooth out all these symptoms.

The fight against addiction to cigarettes in the second path is harder, but more productive. After all, you are just trying to replace the habit, but gain a lot of rational and beneficial for the body things.

An alternative way of ingress of harmful alkaloid in the body

Let us list the variants than you can replace the process of Smoking:

  • Electronic cigarette.
  • Nicotine patch.
  • Nikotinsoderzhaschie aerosols.
  • Nikotinsoderzhaschie inhalers.
  • Nicotine spray.

Rationally whether to replace conventional electronic cigarette? The question of whether man is freed from the habit of Smoking with the help of this method remains controversial and is open to doubt. At least who banned the mention of hisorganizations in promoting electronic cigarettes and does not consider it an alternative way for those who want to quit Smoking. A number of countries, for example Belarus, and completely banned from use in advertising this phrase. In fact, unlike the process of Smoking electronic cigarettes from regular in that you consume the vapours of the liquid, not the smoke from the resin as usual. The only question is: which pair of liquids is inhaled man? A single regulatory instrument exists to this day. The nicotine also comes in regular or even a higher dose.

But the patch really can replace the pernicious passion. There are several types, depending on the concentration of nicotine. The patch is easy to use, you just need to stick to free from the hair areas of the body. So you can help your body to quit Smoking, but its use is preferably about 6-8 months. Longer use of nicotine patch, according to the reviews, pointless and ineffective.

Well, if you have a hobby or you have been dreaming about something. Take your thoughts, start to act and time to think about cigarettes you will not.

Do not interfere in the process of quitting Smoking start taking vitamins, especially A,E and C – they help break the cycle of stress and help to neutralize the harmful effects of nicotine. Many ex-smokers talk about the use of antidepressants in the process of quitting cigarettes. And it has the evidence base and positive results in practice, but the administration of any drugs should be under control and in agreement with the doctor.

Found its use and hypnotic techniques for those who really want to quit Smoking. But a good specialist in this area is not so easy to find. Yes, and without the desire of the person it is unlikely that the hypnosis will work. The most important thing is motivation and will power.

Smoking is a harmful habit that causes significant harm to the human body. Unfortunately, all the "charms" of this illness are understood, when the body is already in a painful dependence on cigarette when to quit Smoking and replace cigarettes with something not so easy and requires great efforts of the body. Developed many ways to fight Smoking. You can try to handle it alone, and it is possible to contact the experts who will individually select a treatment and give advice. But the main thing – to have an overwhelming desire to quit. Start, and all you get!