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How to quickly relieve a hangover at home: proven ways

Yesterday was a bustling corporate party or a gatherings with friends. Of course, not without alcohol. The result is a splitting headache today, feel sick, dry mouth, activity at zero. This is a hangover – the price paid for rough fun the night before. Quickly get rid of this painful syndrome at home easy. There are many effective treatments (tablets and popular recipes).

ромашковый чай
Quickly relieve the headache that accompanies the census person known to the medicine – aspirin or Advil. If you drink the synthetic drugs do not want to turn to folk remedies hangover cure. At home to overcome a headache will help the bottle with ice or a towel soaked in ice water. Such a cold compress constricts blood vessels and reduces pain. Well helps to cope with migraine mint. The recipe is simple: make an infusion of leaves of plants and warm water, after 20 minutes, drink it in deep draughts.

Tormented by thirst, but dry mouth persists even after the tenth glass of water? To alleviate the condition will help intense recovery of water-salt balance. It is necessary to take special medicines, called rehydrate. Such tools include Regidron and Hydrovit Forte. Natural rehydrator, which relieves symptoms and restores the balance, it is considered cucumber pickle, which has already been mentioned many times in this article.

Magic pop

In recent times people prefer to treat a hangover is not folk remedies, and special POPs – buy a tablet, dissolve it at home in normal water, drink, and the hangover starts to leave quickly. Such POPs are now sold a lot. The most common remedy is Alka-Seltzer. The tool is able to cope with the hangover as it is made from aspirin, baking soda, citric acid. In principle, you can likewise relieve a hangover if you drink a pill of Advil and a glass of mineral water with a slice of lemon.

There are other pop, are able to defeat syndrome and relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

  • Alka-Prim, similar in composition to the tablets Alka-Seltzer. However, in Alka-Prim is still glycine, which activates metabolic processes and has hepatoprotective effects (protect liver).
  • In the tool zoreks Morning, a succinic acid, a catalytic activity of the brain (useful if the morning after the party to work). This tool helps to quickly overcome the symptoms of the syndrome, but you have to drink it carefully, it has many contraindications.
  • Biologically active additive with the speaker called Stand up. Made ofa large number of plant components that help get rid of a hangover (wild rose, St. John's wort, ginseng, citric acid, thyme). The composition is innocuous and useful for strengthening the immune system.

Any disease is better to prevent than to try to get rid of it. Same with the treatment of the symptoms of a hangover. Instead of trying to figure out how to get rid of a hangover at home, it is better to take a number of measures before the consumption of alcohol.

First, if having a party, you need to eat at least an hour or two before the first drink. Each dose of alcohol is better to eat and not to drink. During the party you should periodically to eat a slice of lemon or orange.

The best cure for a hangover – measure alcohol consumption. Do not reduce the degree, refrain from the cocktails (they provoke strong postalcohol syndrome), try to fight the temptations and be able to stop. You decide an extra shot now or severe headache and nausea the next morning. If you know the measure to deal with a hangover is not required!