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Details about the properties and use of Force Deer for potency (with prices and reviews)

Natura siberica (Natura siberika) has released a new tool to enhance male potency called: the Power of Deer. Lately capsules Strength deer for potency made a splash in the market of similar preparations, in confirmation of this can result in the recommendation of the famous porn stars, such as Elena Berkova.

How can you believe in that actually has a beneficial effect on the potency of men or is it another Scam? Which means Strength Deer reviews? Try to understand.

мужчина и женщина обнимаются

General information

During development representatives of the company Natura siberica (Natura siberika) came to the conclusion that to improve erectile function in men necessary to produce a tool that will differ radically from all known capsules or drops. The drug Strength Deer was one of the novelties of the market of intimate media and quickly gained popularity with consumers, and tell reviews.

What is the Strength Deer deserve such recognition? First of all, you need to apply to the composition, which describes the manual:

  1. Pantohematogen. Contributes to the production of testosterone.
  2. Antlers. Has long been regarded as a "panacea" from sexual problems.
  3. Extract of red root. Used in folk medicine as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for diseases of the prostate, as well as for various disorders of the genitourinary system.
  4. Vitamin C is Responsible for formation of dopamine, the hormone that promotes sex drive.

Based on the fact that the composition is completely different from the traditional, used in various stimulants potency components, it can be concluded: the power of red the best remedy for potency!

According to the analysis of the impact of the drug on the body of men, he offers the following therapeutic properties:

  • Improves erection.
  • Stimulates libido.
  • Normalizes the flow of blood in the pelvis.
  • Normalizes hormonal balance.
  • Prevents the development of prostate diseases.
  • Enhances sperm production and makes the composition better.
  • Beneficial effects on the human immune system as a whole.

In addition to positive actions on the reproductive system of male Power Deer also affects other organs and systems, and also increases vitality and endurance, resistance to any stress factors.

Most men who read about the Power of Deer (Natura siberika), rightly asked: is an effective drug, and whether it can be used to improve intimate health or is it Scam? Given the positive reviews from professionals and those whothe practice saw result (porn actress E. Berkova), we can say that the means for the potency helps to improve reproductive function in males, and conception of healthy progeny.

How to prepare the Power of Red:

  1. Cut the antlers (young horns), which in springtime accumulate a lot of medicinal properties.
  2. Collect blood in a special container.
  3. With the help of special technology to produce BAD.

Unlike similar tools, in the Power of Deer enclosed special properties that improve potency in men and stimulate testosterone production naturally, normalizes sexual function. Contraindications exist, but given these, it is possible to avoid the negative impact on the body. To the effect of the drug was substantial, it is advisable before ordering to consult a doctor.

Current limitations:

  • Age (less than 18 years).
  • Severe pathology of the cardiovascular system.
  • Individual sensitivity to the components.
  • Gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.
  • Renal failure.
  • Pathology of the liver.

All of these contraindications must be taken into account and not ignore, believing that "all will manage". Clinical research facilities and carried out to best protect the consumer and to make the effect of the application were soft but effective and preserved for a long time (3-6 months).

Contraindications are the fairer sex, it is strictly undesirable to use the tool. In men with uncontrolled reception can occur following undesirable side effects:

  1. Dizziness and pain.
  2. Nausea and tachycardia.
  3. Loss of sensitivity of the penis.
  4. Increased sleepiness.

All of the above side effects are extremely rare and only in case of significant overdose. Doctor's consultation will help to avoid these problems.

Method of acquisition

In addition to those advantages, what is known about the Power of Deer can be attributed to its availability and ease of acquisition. The price of the packaging on the official website – 990 rubles, for that price you can buy 10 capsules.

Table 1. Average price by region




990 RUB.


369 UAH

In the drugstores you can also find the Force on the Deer, but its price will bemuch above this because of the margins.

Properties of means to increase potency in men is not questioned if the purchase of the original drug and use, as prescribed by the instruction. Medicine for long time will help to get rid of sexual problems and enjoy love to the fullest regardless of age.



Eugene Ivanov, the doctor-the sexologist:

I am often asked men of different ages, worrying about what the potency has decreased significantly. Of course, there are factors that require serious treatment, but in most cases, enough of the course "Power Taint", and all the problems in the intimate sphere go.

Alexander, 42 years:

Age, Smoking, excessive workload and booze affected my potency, I understand myself. Decided to turn everything around and get back to normal in intimate terms with man. For this, I visited the doctor, got a list of recommendations on lifestyle changes and advice to buy the "Power of Red". I can say that after a month the result is excellent. Ordered here http://marals-power.com/

Constantine Pugovkin, 46 years:

Decided to marry a girl who's younger than me by 20 years. With money and other things no problem, but the potency is weak. Course propyl "Power Taint", then again to secure the result. I think that a young wife in love and then problems will not be.

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