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The calculation of the optimal body weight based on height and age as key parameters

From: Valery
Theme: the Ratio of height and body mass

Good afternoon. Tell me, I weigh 107 kg with height 196 cm, I'm 25 years old. This is considered normal?

Answer: "Hi, Valery! According to the criteria, the weight allowance is determined by the formula: height minus 100. But it is provided when muscle and fat mass is evenly distributed on the body. In this case, more important is the waist. If it exceeds in men, 94 cm, this is obesity and metabolic disorders. It is important to review your diet, especially to pay attention to the amount of beer (if You drink). Beer helps body fat on the female type (hip and abdomen). Under normal physique and no bad habits enough to reduce the number of calories consumed and exercise. I wish you health".