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Psychology: why after a breakup, a man returns

Difficult period of separation behind. Wet wipes discarded, empty bottles of wine moved in the trash, all the tips girlfriends listened to and taken into account. Life is getting better, sometimes there is a new love with all matched for the occasion with bright colors. And here like a bolt from the sky ‒ "return of the prodigal parrot", and it is when (usually) the woman is no longer necessary. Why do men come back after breakup? The psychology of return, what is it, try to understand.

мужчина и женщина с раздорванным сердцем

The power of passion ‒ passing thing

Psychologists distinguish several situations for which a man is inclined to return to your ex girlfriend after a breakup. And it's not depends on who he has gone from a gray mouse or a successful beauties, all in his own inner psychology, his ego, his life preferences.

Why this happens, we can say only approximately, the psychology of goodbyes and returns examined, though quite good, but the man is not a soulless mechanism, in each specific case has its own nuances and motives of men, why should he come back.

  • Nobody loves me

The psychology of any person is such that he needs love. What can I say, the monotony of living the same boring men and women, but due to the natural self, the stronger sex can just turn around and leave, a sense of responsibility he is much less pronounced than in women. But why do men come back after breakup, the psychology of this behavior in the next, compared, developed, realized that hurried to leave. The novelty of the senses pall, the bright mask ripped off, and it turns out that the previous relationship was better, "more convenient." Very often in this trap get family men with experience who was attracted by the beauty and youth of the new partner, happy to change the "old" wife. But here they face an unpleasant surprise: the young mistress is in no hurry to make a "heavenly life" with a comfortable life, clean shirt and a delicious lunch-dinners, but the man so used to them. And when he gets tired of "physics" is returned.

  • With rivals "game" do not divide

Oddly enough, but the "legs" the following reasons for which a man returns after breaking up, grow from primitive instincts. The psychology of this is observed in the animal world, where jealousy and possessiveness rule the world. The modern man, away from the women, one hundred percent sure that she has the rest of your life to suffer and to dry it and, God forbid, start a new romance.

Learning that "Holy place"ranked contender, the man immediately returns after leaving to "drive away the stranger," and to enlighten ex-girlfriend. Therefore, if the departed once again the man began to keep ringing and look for meetings, consider this: it may be a trivial jealousy. Having driven away the opponent, he will leave their hearth and home, and always will be.

  • As an experiment

If the man leaves, then returns and, again provoking the separation disappears – he is just selfish, man, brilliantly and with gusto likes to play the "strings of soul" of another person. At a young age, these "games" often instigate Teens wishing to establish themselves in the crowd of friends. Then, indifferent to the woman, her feelings and the psychology of relationships in General, the presence or absence of rivals, her position in society and financial status. He wants proof of power over the woman, the infinite and absolute! He methodically can break life (sometimes fatal) to the woman and calmly switch to another one, and Oh, God, no remorse he feels. This murderous psychology experiment, nothing more.

  • Naive like a child

This psychology of the return of nature, first of all, aging men, who lived all his life with one woman, naively believe that "the divine nymph", met them on the way, only interested in his gout, intellectual and physical impotence, belching, bright shiny bald head, not the wallet. And when it comes to insight, these men come back after a provoked them up and try to reason with pushing them back to the "nymph" spouse, "how can you, we have the same grandchildren."

  • Harmony in sex

Do not forget that sexual relations in the family, men come first. And when he is not getting needs discharging the leaves. The reasons why this is happening, different: pregnancy of the wife, her constant fatigue, illness and much more. But if the addition of sex a couple has tied the harmonious emotional relationships, he is, get what you want on the side, comes back after a breakup. It is easy to explain psychologically, physically he "energized", but emotionally there was a void. And he, trying to fill the gap, returns after breaking up as if nothing had happened.

  • A sense of duty

Sometimes men come back after breakup out of a sense of duty, in connection with the resulting from the "Cheetah girls" series of serious problems. Psychologically, love here does not smell, men only developed an innate sense of responsibility to ex girlfriend or children.

  • The love of children

In some cases men return after a breakup because I can't imagine what their children will bring up another man. Orthe children themselves are asked to come back. Relationships between adults in this case can be based on different scenarios, but the basis of the return lies with a sincere love for children.

  • Spree of a lifetime

It happens that men have already created a new family, come back after a breakup as they began to miss former wife, for many years become a family man. In a new relationship everything seems normal, but a stranger. Psychologists say that these "nights" can last a lifetime and take the form of "life on two families."

  • And again you beautiful

Of course, no one would argue that life and family put on the appearance of the woman mark, and sometimes not the most attractive. Man, going to the side, looking for a beautiful object of adoration, and that's fine. But in that case, when the abandoned woman is aware of the reason for the departure of the beloved and quickly fixing himself up, he's dumbfounded by her unusual new way of returns after breaking up back. The fact that it had been fixed, and all the rest of him and it was like.

  • From each breath to inebriate your

Oddly enough, but sometimes the question of why a man comes back after breakup, you can answer: love. Yes, he left his beloved woman, but only in order to understand and realize: he needs it. Maybe he was compared, perhaps, was one, lay it down, decided to come back.

What should I do?

According to psychologists, a man sees the young woman loses appeal, gets old, but in no case not aware of the fact that aged well. In the neighborhood of 40-50 year old wife-fed peers he feels the same a boy aged 20-25. When (after) comes the Epiphany, the men returned.

What do woman like to understand the psychology of separation and time to separate the wheat from the chaff? Probably best not to make hasty decisions (he's back, that his return), because you should look to test the sincerity of the intentions. It is not necessary to idealize the situation, as practice shows, "the return syndrome" is more often a disease of infantile men than it is a deliberate choice of a strong husband.