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Intimate gel-lubricant to prolong sexual intercourse the man: types and use

Sometimes our sexual desires to meet opportunities. Nature itself has taken care that the sex was as comfortable as possible, but not always so. With age, due to the individual characteristics of the organism, sometimes in women after childbirth, during sexual intercourse, there are painful sensations, discomfort, irritation, feel a little dryness of the genital organs, which in some cases leads to microtraumas. To correct such problems will help intimate gel water-based lubricant and other lubricants.

гель в тюбику

They have other aspects of application. Currently, the invented lubricant with pheromones (to excite), to enhance libido and prolong sexual intercourse, for anal sex, special for women or men only, etc. Below we will try to answer basic questions: why do I need to use grease which is better to use, and you will be able to understand what sexual lubricant will be more convenient for you.


Produced many kinds of intimate lubricants. Depending on what is needed one or the other, they are divided into several groups:

  • Stimulating. Contain substances that can enhance libido, sexual desire.
  • Flavored. Many of this category are edible composition, due to the peculiarities of the application — you can use them for oral sex. However, this does not exclude the use for other types of intercourse.
  • With the therapeutic effect. Can be with panthenol and other healing components, therefore, are not only protective function, but also somewhat therapeutic.
  • For prolongation of sexual intercourse with an anesthetic. Often they contain menthol, which reduces the sensitivity of the delicate skin of the penis, which will delay ejaculation.
  • For anal sex. With a high sliding effect. Can include anesthetic and healing component.
  • Warming. Substances included in this type of gels-greases, the friction slightly warms the skin, which creates an unusual sensation.

Description of lubrication usually carries all the information about why it is needed, and the method of its application. Therefore before buying it is desirable to study the manual, feedback about the tool, found on the Internet, and after that make a choice, what kind of grease is best for you and partner.

Before you buy a lubricant, think about what you want to achieve when using it, you have some kind of physiological need in its application or just a desire to decorate a sexual relationship. The correct answer to this question will help you choose a gel lubricant is true.

Popular brands

Not easy to find immediately a suitable gel lubricant. To helpyou decide, here are the most popular lubricant, mentioned often in the reviews of the customers and are listed as bestsellers on their respective websites:

  • Haseko gel lubricant for women. From the title it is clear that the lubricant Hasico need the ladies. The lubricant is water based, so does not affect the pH of the vagina which is important for health. Can be used when lack of natural lubrication after childbirth, menopause, etc. due to the excellent gliding and moisturizing properties, protects the vulnerable mucous membrane, improves the quality of sex, reduces the risk of damage and discomfort.

Part of Haseko for women include panthenol, which has protective and even curative properties. Grease does not affect the latex so freely can be used in conjunction with a condom. It must be remembered that the spermicidal effect has no, therefore, the application of the contraceptive purpose, is unacceptable.

  • Personal lubricant with pheromones Kanpo. In the gel includes a special substance osmotin having a stimulating effect. Lubrication has a positive effect on libido and sexual activity in men. In addition, Kanpo contains:
  1. Extracts of tea tree, calendula and aloe Vera, which has antiseptic properties.
  2. Rosehip extract. Heals and acts bactericidal.
  3. Mentil lactate. A substance that is a combination of menthol. In the application cools the skin, reduces slightly the sensitivity, and therefore, it can be used to prolong intercourse.

Alternative lubricants

Many people are interested in the question of whether to replace sexual lubricant and than it is better to do. Let's look at what substances most often come to mind:

  1. Edible oil and fats.
  2. Cosmetic products: creams, gels, Soaps.
  3. Food products (e.g. chopped banana).
  4. Vaseline.

It should be noted that in most situations, this type of alternative grease is not the best solution for both vaginal and anal sex. You can apply whipped cream, various chopped fruit to intact skin, but to use them as lubricant unhygienic. In some situations, such experiments during sexual intercourse end up with inflammation, irritation, fungal infections. So the good question is, whether such experiments, if available, the use of special lubricants?

Method of application

Method of application all lubricants are similar. The instructions say to use lubrication, you can:

  • A small amount of grease should squeeze out from a tube on hand.
  • Apply lubricant on the genitals of both partners. Please note that if you use a condom, apply lubricant need him.
  • After sexthe remnants of the lubricant, preferably wash with warm water.

As you can see, nothing really difficult. The main thing is to read the purpose of specific type and use the grease as directed.

The cost

Buy different types of gels can be in drugstores or in online stores, seeing the price on the website and comparing it with the cost of chemist's assortment. Brand awareness, product quality, purpose and complexity of the combination of substances in the grease — all of these factors will affect the final price of the product. We have compared the cost of the most popular products brought the averages:


Price, Russian rubles

Hasika with panthenol for women, 100 ml


Kanpo. Lubricant with pheromones, stimulating for men 80 ml


Sico aquagel (moisturizing), 50 ml


Sico, tea tree oil, 100 ml


The gel Does erotic, 50 ml


Superglide personal lubricant with coconut flavour, 75 ml


Reviews of therapists suggest that, regardless of what kind of sex you are going to use a gel lubricant, male or lady it is needed, the main thing is to opt for a quality and proven product. Not worth chasing low prices or purchase exceptionally popular brands. It is important to find a middle ground, then the application will be comfortable, safe and enjoyable in all aspects.


Margo, 37:

After having two kids with her husband regularly use Hasika with panthenol for women. I have gone unbearable irritation, and sex began to bring only pleasure. Also pleasing is the price of this lubricant.

Sergey, 26 years:

With a girl is regularly experimenting with lubricants Visit. Like water-based with all sorts of smells. Not to say that there is a great need, but the process of use is always a joy.

Catherine, 47 years:

Embarrassing to admit, but I have recently started menopause. Of course, pleasant enough, but sex is still desirable. Some time making love had become unbearable dryness, irritation. So my husband and I purchased a silicone grease. Some say stubborn, but we were fine. But water, which we tried, dried quickly and was a big expense.