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Examples of Kegel exercises for intimate muscles a workout reviews

What is a exercise system Kegel? It is a simple exercise of the muscles of the intimate area, the movements that you can perform at home. They help to preserve "women's" health and is effective in prostatitis in men. In addition, the technique is Kegel to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles contributes to the diversity in the sexual life of couples. The whole exercise takes less than 20 minutes.

What is it and why?

The muscle tissue of the pelvic floor, intimacy or vaginal muscles one concept. In order for them to "feel" you need in the time of urination, without squeezing your legs, try to stop urine stream. It was at this point and you can feel the tension of the pelvic floor muscles.

Why the need for the training of intimate muscles? This is necessary for both men and women:

  • as prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • when the prostate;
  • incontinence;
  • to regulate ejaculation, erection and orgasm.

In addition, Kegel exercises for hemorrhoids, fecal incontinence, with poor blood supply of the pelvis. Using the muscles of the pelvic floor can be eliminated inflammatory processes, prepare for painless childbirth, to repair the prolapse of the vaginal walls. For those who wish to improve their intimate life, the exercises Arnold Kegel — a way to strengthen and control your orgasm.

If you ignore the lessons and do the exercises correctly, gradually pelvic floor muscles weaken, primarily, it can be expressed in the weakening sensations during intercourse. Later develop problems with urination and defecation, this is especially true for mothers repeatedly parous and age-related decline in levels of female sex hormones in old age.

In the forties of the last century Arnold Kegel made a proposal to eliminate all these problems with the help of surgical intervention, but simply systematically perform special moves. Training received later the name "kegels".

Historical moment

Do not think that the lessons according to the skill of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles directly invented Kegel. About the art of ownership intimate muscles written in the Kama Sutra, Tantra, Tao, technology management vaginal muscles were taught Oriental women, that they were charmed by the ability of husbands.

In the modern world advanced the development of intimate muscles made gynecologist Kegel and A. V. L. Muranivsky — inventor vumbilding (from — VUM controlled vaginal muscles).

To strengthen them is necessary in everyday life, they practically do not work, and if the person the whole day sitting in one place, groups of the pelvic floor muscles faster lose elasticity, resulting in a veryunpleasant consequences in the future.

Who needs a set of exercises Kegel?

  • Men with prostatitis.
  • Pregnant women in the prevention of postpartum urinary incontinence, the best vascularity of the pelvic organs and strengthen the vaginal walls.
  • In the postpartum period.
  • For men and women age. If regularly and properly do exercises for intimate muscles, reduces the risk of fibroids, tumors, inflammatory processes, and it also helps to improve the results of treatment for prostatitis.

Perform Kegel exercises for hemorrhoids, it helps to forget the unpleasant problem. Currently, the very first Kegel lessons and training have changed and adapted not only for women but for men as well as introduced elements of technical devices: dumbbells, exercise equipment.

Help for men

Exercises Kegel are now very interested in men of any age, in prostatitis it helps to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. You can do at home, after analyzing the special videos and photos. There are groups for beginners, where the coach holds a "learned skill" that helps to cover the training and learn to correctly perform the necessary movements to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Men who regularly are engaged in special programs (video, photo or in the room), better to feel your muscular and ligamentous apparatus. Due to this the method allows to increase overall body tone, improve blood circulation in the organs of the pelvic floor. Additionally, if you correctly perform all the movements, you can improve the potency.

How well do these Kegel exercises? If you have problems in the urogenital system and prostate a man should:

  1. To work with the PC muscle (frontal-coccygeal). When holding the breath, squeeze the PC muscle, stopping for a few seconds, exhale and relax. To do the exercise 10 times 3 R day.
  2. The contraction of the muscles of the anus and LK. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, shrink (stretch) the muscles and to stand as long as possible. Do 10 repetitions of not less than 2 rsut.
  3. In the supine position. Bend the knees and severely strain the pelvic floor muscles, this exercise is possible any number of times per day.

For beginners to master this method, you can see special videos, photos, read reviews. When Kegel exercises are visible clearly, men understand that there is nothing complicated about them. The main thing — to have the will power to repeat them daily.

To help women

How to build muscle intimate and what to do to the woman? Kegel exercises will help to break up many of the problems that bears an intimate character. Better than all developed, the lessof health troubles and is better to proceed metabolic processes in the body. During pregnancy and after childbirth, during menopause and sturdy movable area of the pelvis with good blood circulation virtually eliminates the occurrence of stagnation and troubles associated with them.

Secrets hold men beside themselves possessed only the elect, the appearance is not seen as a basis, developed intimate muscles (vagina) — that was the basis of a centuries-old mystery.

How to help this method, why do we need this?

  1. Intimate life brighter. Trained intimate muscles help a woman to experience orgasm, eliminate frigidity.
  2. Prevention of gynecological diseases.
  3. Exception failure (severe) birth.

Do not assume that to do such exercises — a shame. Puritan upbringing and denial of promiscuity is undoubtedly good. But with the physiology, and especially with health, it is difficult to argue, well developed vaginal muscles not only help to maintain and strengthen an intimate relationship, but also to help the woman to overcome the burden of childbirth and postpartum recovery.

The best part — that these exercises need no special equipment (dumbbells, machines, etc.), they can perform even while sitting in my Desk chair. The training of intimate muscles is the sequential contraction and relaxation, they need to carry out at least 20-30 times:

  • Stretch the muscle, hold the tension for 10 seconds. Relax for 10 seconds. Consistent repetition within 5-7 minutes.
  • The rapid contraction-relaxation 7-10 seconds. In the end drastically reduce and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Contraction-relaxation for 20 sec. Without stopping.
  • The pull and push motion.

Perform these exercises 2-3 times a day, at the final stage when the muscles are strong, learning time can be reduced.

Sessions with trainer

For this kind of intimate training do not need weights, there are special Kegel balls with different diameter and weight. Pick them up individually, depending on the initial preparation. By the way, reviews about balloons for intimate fitness are very positive, their use has helped many women restore health.

Exercise with Kegel balls.

  • To be done with caution, beginners — lying. Insert the balloon into the vagina and shortening of the muscle, move it inside, to hold to 10 seconds. Relax, repeat 10 times. This exercise helps to train the intimate muscles, it is best to return to it 2-3 times a week.

The essence of the exercise remains for many months the same, it can only increase the weight of the ball. Contraindications to exercise in pregnancy and after childbirth.

The reviews about similartraining increasingly acquires a positive connotation, in addition, an effective Kegel exercises for urinary incontinence, weak rectum, uterus, etc. They can perform as very young people and the elderly, to prevent unpleasant senile conditions.


Natalia, 28 years

Perhaps, the obvious advantages of these exercises is a quick postpartum recovery, prevention of incontinence and improve intimate life. For me the hardest part was to start to overcome laziness and fatigue. Then this daily muscle training has become the norm.

Karina, 32 years:

Good strengthen the pelvic muscles, let you become more sensitive in intimate terms, the gait becomes more confident and no health problems. Unfortunately, the gynecologists do not report the simple method; this is a huge disadvantage.

Alex, 35 years:

I used to think that these classes are only for women. However, information about men and began to study. Excellent results, the method is available free and carries huge benefits. The main thing — do not be lazy and do it all daily.