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What are the causes of pain can be during urination and how to treat them

Pain during urination in men ‒ how often doctors, urologists are faced with this symptom? According to statistics, more than 50% of requesting patients complain of soreness while going to the toilet for a pee.

мужчина в туалете

Any man, initially felt pain during urination, you should immediately seek the advice of a doctor as this symptom can be a result of many reasons: accidental mechanical damage of the urethra to serious internal diseases requiring immediate surgical intervention.

What was the exact reason will establish the only a doctor after a series of laboratory studies, no other way you should not hope that "itself will pass". Remember: the treatment of chronic disease is a much harder, longer, and not always effective.

Etiological factors

Since pain is not a disease, but a symptom, it can manifest on the background of various pathologies of the upper and lower urinary tract in men.

The most common reasons:

  • Urethritis (against STDs).
  • Stones and polyps in the urethra.
  • Cystitis and stones in the bladder.
  • Neoplasms and prostatitis (adenoma).

Thus, any man who wants to ignore going to the doctor, it should be clear that this is not worth it. STI treats venereal diseases, any sexually transmitted infection is dangerous not only for the men, but he becomes a source of infection.

The presence of stones and polyps requires consultation with a surgeon with subsequent surgery and / or tumors (benign and malignant). Urethritis, prostatitis, cystitis should be promptly treated to the disease took a chronic form with subsequent annual exacerbations.

You can see in the picture"?

Pain during urination in men is the main symptom. We can say that her reasons in the urinary system men include the following:

  • Cutting pain

Combined with the impeded flow of urine, "says" about the presence in the urethra of stones. Occurs at the beginning of Mikli, and then gradually subsides. Treatment should be quick.

  • Urethritis

For urethritis the pain is severe due to inflammation and irritation in the urine. Isolated urethritis – the prerogative of only men (because of the structure), and the pain in this case can occur when genital infections. Recently strong widespread lesions of the urethra and gardnerellez herpes virus infection.

  • Pain (+ hematuria)

Pain radiating down the abdomen, and frequent urination, sometimes hematuria iscystitis, mainly of infectious origin. Pathogens can penetrate the vesica urinaria as the urethra (rare), and in the course of blood and lymph. For men common reason (pushbutton) for cystitis be stress, hypothermia, decreased immunity.

  • Abdominal pain in the region of the vesica urinaria

The trips to the toilet man tortured to 3-4 times in an hour is an acute cystitis. Sometimes painful urination can go to "queue" several in a row. Increase directly miccai after her, but completely do not disappear, man always feels some discomfort. The sooner treatment is started, the better.

  • Tumors in the bladder

If the pain subsides as the bladder fills, the reason for this is the tumor that takes a more comfortable position for her. But the severe hyperextension of the walls of the discomfort returns and maximum starts to bother you just before miccia. In the early stages the malignancy is painless, sometimes it can be suspected episodes of hematuria. The growth of the tumor to pain joined by other symptoms, among them frequent urination. The discomfort gradually loses its connection with the direct process of urination becomes constant. A benign tumor is rare and usually painless, but the treatment must be carried out.

  • Abdominal pain

Symptom of chronic form of cystitis. Subsides after complete emptying of the vesica urinaria, sometimes it leaves a strange sense of gravity. However, you should consider: clinical development of chronic cystitis is so varied that you can only judge on this basis is impossible.

  • Stones (foreign body)

Often formed in men 50 years that is directly related to the neoplasm in the prostate. It is fraught with stagnation of urine and stone formation. Symptoms of the presence of foreign bodies and stones in the vesica urinaria is almost identical, with pain, worse when urinating, gives to the head of the penis. Sometimes pain in the head is stronger than in the vesica urinaria, and may mistakenly be perceived as an isolated symptom. Feature: it is stronger when you change the position of the body and sudden movements.

  • Prostate disease

The pathogenesis of this phenomenon is due to the fact that the empty vesica urinaria pressure on the inflamed prostate. A distinctive feature of the discomfort is constant, it can be of different intensity, but it is not. Localization – the area of the perineum with the transition to the iliac, suprapubic and groin area, urethra, rectum, testis.

  • After sex and after urination

The end of intimacy and the man went to the toilet, there is discomfort inthe time of urination, which indicates the presence of chronic prostatitis.

  • BPH

It is characterized by: frequent, painful urination. The pain frequently occurs at late stages of the adenoma develops when a secondary cystitis. Soreness can indicate a cancerous tumor, in this case it will be intensified after urination, a little "let go" during the filling of vesica urinaria, but not lost.

Features of differential diagnostics

To the man was informed of situations where there is pain during urination, need to know the characteristics of the main pathologies in which pain is a leading symptom. Knowing the cause, to actually perform the necessary treatment.

A more adequate assessment of the severity of the pathological condition may be at the granularity of the pain syndrome:

  • The suddenness

The sharp, sudden piercing pain during urination "says" about the presence of a strong inflammatory process, the stone is in the urethra (the urethra) or injury. Access to a doctor – immediately.

  • Moderation symptoms

Pain often indicates a chronic process, is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, a burning sensation in the pubic area. It should be remembered that it is not always heavy pathological process accompanied by severe pain, as is commonly believed. For example, prostate cancer pain in the early stages there is little (the latent period), and for the first time, the pain manifests itself as moderate in the "heyday" of the disease.

  • Localization and irradiation

Refinement of the localization of the pain will help the physician an invaluable aid in diagnosis. So, pain in the urethra "says" about its lesions in supra – pathology in the vesica urinaria, in the perineum – prostate disease.


Irradiation of pain (returns) to the head of the penis in men is a characteristic sign of the presence of stones in the vesica urinaria. Pain in my side and lower back "say" specialist that the infection has spread to the upper urinary tract.

  • Time frame

A very important diagnostic symptom is the time of appearance of pain when urinating:

  1. Before urination pain occurs when cystitis, hyperextension, tumors, and the reduction in volume of vesica urinaria (shriveled).
  2. At the beginning of urination pain indicates inflammation of the initial division of the urethra.
  3. During the process of urination discomfort manifests itself in reducing bladder or it is characteristic of the cancer or cystitis.
  4. After complete emptying of the pain occurs (and for some time kept) changes in the prostate or cervical region of the bladder.

Important will help signs that accompany pain, manifestedduring urination:

  • Too frequent urination.
  • Difficulties in the allocation of urine.
  • Visible uncharacteristic inclusion in urine (thread, blood, pus).
  • The General poor state of men (anemia, fever, neurosis).

Therefore, accurate assessment of pain (identification of causes) in the survey can give a lot of information about the state of the male body in General and the urinary system in particular that will adequately perform the necessary treatment.

What to do? The therapy

What to do man, if he felt discomfort during urination, if urethra is inflamed or has an unpleasant expires? First visit to urologist to find out why, and to receive adequate diagnosis, treatment.

It is important to remember that turn off the pain, different painkillers not only ineffective but fraught with complications of the underlying disease (the body through pain gives a signal to the brain about the problems in it).

In General, the treatment is not painful and the elimination of the pathology to which they point. It is therefore important to diagnose and establish the cause, successful treatment of the disease and relieves painful attacks.

To solve all the problems and establish the cause of the pain will help the man doctors: urologist, andrologist or venereal diseases, and the sooner you get treatment, the faster it will recede.

You should not:

  • To self-medicate.
  • Make questionable injection.
  • Enter the urethra, medications, solutions.
  • Taking antibiotics and other means.

Treatment for pain is eliminating the cause, so in one case the doctor recommends the surgery (stones, polyps, etc.), another conservative treatment with modern drugs.

In the treatment of all diseases in which pain during urination is the main symptom is an obligatorily with the exception of diet of meats, hot and spicy dishes, pickles. It is useful to respect the day and the rules of daily hygiene, avoid stress, exposure to cold and stagnation in the pelvis.