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On the causes of rash on male genital organs and methods of treatment

Rash on genitals ‒ a phenomenon that may be accompanied by redness, itching or burning, unusual discharge and unpleasant smell, and sometimes does not deliver tangible discomfort, but, of course, alarming the man. In this article You will find the most accurate and complete information about why the rashes appear, to what doctor we need to go and how it is treated.

Мужчина показывает пальцем в брюки

What could be the reason?

The rash in men appears on the pubis, the scrotum, the penis, but the most vulnerable are the head of the penis. There are many diseases, symptoms are a rash on the genitals, however, reliably establish the cause can only be a doctor or a dermatologist based on the results of examination and laboratory tests.

To identify the diagnosis assigned to the following study:

  • Bacterial infections, sexually transmitted. In particular, for syphilis characterized by the appearance of genital ulcers (sores single) or the so-called chancre, dense to the touch, painless and not itching, can occur red rash all over the body.
  • Fungal infection. As a rule, if we are talking about Candida, there is small rash on the genitals are observed redness of mucous membranes, cheesy discharge, white patches and a characteristic sour smell.
  • Genital herpes. First of all, is a viral infection that manifests itself in the form of small bubbles (vesicles), filled with bloody or clear fluid, itching and burning at the site of the lesion.
  • The human papilloma virus. Unlike herpes, asymptomatic. Rash on the genitals may resemble the shape of warts, which will eventually increase in size, acquire different forms.
  • Allergic dermatitis. Reasons in the case of allergies can be poor lubrication, a condom, allergenic intimate soap, body piercing of genitals or synthetic underwear. After elimination of the allergen the symptoms of men, like a red rash or itchy spots, must pass.
  • Oncology. So for squamous cell carcinoma characteristic erosion prone to expansion and merger, melanoma can be diagnosed by staining a dark saturated color.
  • Symptom of skin diseases: ringworm, psoriasis, head lice. For lichen and psoriasis is characteristic rash on the genitals in the form of papules (nodules), plaques of various sizes with a scaly surface, and lice – itching at night, the insects or their parts in underwear and pubes.

Pathology should not be confused with the normal condition is the presence of pearl glands, which are located on the edge of the head of the penis in men, look pointedprotrusions and have a pale pink natural color. In any case, if You have doubts about the health of the men's bodies, it is better to consult a doctor.

Risk factors

In addition to the direct causes, I would like to identify the factors that contribute to their occurrence. If you exclude them from your life, you can avoid a large number of troubles related to mens health:

  1. Random unprotected sex, lack of barrier contraception is a high risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. The use of substandard lubricant, synthetic underwear, means for intimate hygiene – all of these can lead to the development of allergies in men.
  3. Piercing of the genitals. Poor quality metal, unprofessional-looking manipulation can, on the one hand, lead to contamination of the wound, and contact dermatitis.
  4. Immunity is reduced. Herpes, HPV, fungal infection is very often the result of the decrease in protective forces of an organism.
  5. Failure to observe the rules of hygiene. Infrequent change of bed and underwear, immorality leads to pediculosis and other skin diseases that manifest as a rash in men.


To establish why a rash on the genitals, based on the characteristic symptoms, actually not always. Only an experienced physician, based on the data of examination and laboratory tests can accurately tell what it is.

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So, the basis of diagnostics lies:

  1. Medical examination, medical history (some diseases have specific external signs, the rash has a characteristic appearance and color).
  2. General and biochemical blood analysis, urine analysis.
  3. Microscopy: PAP smears for determination of the pathogen.
  4. Diagnosis of human papillomavirus (Cytology, PCR diagnostics, urethroscopy).
  5. Diagnosis of syphilis (microscopic tests, PCR, serology treponemal tests, etc.).
  6. Ultrasound of pelvic organs if you have suspected cancer.

When diagnosed, the doctor prescribes treatment. I should say that today many of the sexually transmitted disease, well-treated, so timely access to a physician and compliance with the recommendations allows to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

How to get rid of rashes?

Depending on the causes of the therapy of rashes on genitals include:

  1. The antibacterial medications (the group of macrolides, quinolones, tetracyclines, etc.).
  2. Treatment with antiviral and immunomodulatorydrugs in the case of genital herpes. Can be applied to both internal and external resources (Valacyclovir or Acyclovir in the form of ointments and tablets).
  3. Antifungal drugs to treat candidiasis. You can use creams and pills or joint application (tablets fluconazole, Itraconazole, ointment Clotrimazole, Ketoconazole, and others).
  4. Treatment of human papillomavirus infection in men by using immunomodulatory drugs, cauterizing, removal of growths on the genitals.
  5. The use of antiallergic agents for the treatment of dermatitis.
  6. External antiparasitic treatment for pubic lice (Medifax, Medellin, Veda-2).
  7. The use of solutions that provide antimicrobial and disinfecting properties (bath with a water solution of potassium permanganate, furatsilina).
  8. The treatment of cancer, manifested by a rash.

As a reminder, any prescription drugs you are entitled to do only by a doctor. Self-medication, especially antibiotics, is very dangerous!

Rash on genitals in men is a serious symptom that cannot be ignored. Don't waste time on self-treatment and go to a competent specialist. Modern diagnostics and drugs will help to solve all of a sudden "sleep problem". Take care of yourself and remember "methods of protection" of men's health.