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What sprays from Smoking it is better to choose (manual with prices and reviews)

Smoking is very harmful habit, and how easy it is to take a cigarette and smoke, so then it is difficult to get rid of harmful addictions. According to statistics, the risk of cancer of the larynx, esophagus, stomach, and lungs those who regularly smokes is 80% more compared to nonsmokers. Everyone who died from lung cancer was a smoker. And when, finally, our level of well-being and common sense agree that health is a valuable treasure of life and it should be protected by all means, we begin to hard work – to fight with yourself and your habits, including Smoking. Today, the industry produces drugs daily for thousands of drugs, allowing you to create an aversion to cigarettes and to overcome mental and physical dependence on nicotine. Today we will discuss in detail this invention as a spray from Smoking. Advise, what spray is best to choose and define the principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages, consider the description of each drug that caused aversion to tobacco. Analyse feedback from customers and professionals. Without attention will not remain on price position at the sprays (how much) and their presence in pharmacies. How to put an end to the habit in the article.



The advantages of this form:

  1. High efficiency and ease of use. The manufacturer claims that within a month disappears craving.
  2. You can choose a spray that contains the nicotine and means that does not contain it.
  3. One gallon of spray is enough for a long time even for heavy smokers.
  4. The effect of the use of one dose of the spray occurs within 60-90 seconds. which is comparable in time with the Smoking of a cigarette.
  5. Affordable price, so any tool can try each.
  6. A detailed description of each product eliminates the need for additional consultations.

The principle of the therapeutic effect

Any existing spray against Smoking can be attributed to one of the groups:

  • Spray against Smoking nikotinsoderzhaschie.
  • Spray against Smoking that do not contain nicotine.

Many of the reviews ex-smokers say that these two groups in their effectiveness approximately equal, and the price range any means – 1500-2000 rubles.

On the basis of belonging to one of the groups is defined and the principle of therapeutic effect. Let us examine in more detail.

Nikotinsoderzhaschie sprays, including spray "Nicorette", which as the main active substance is nicotine. The nicotine content in one "zilch" about the same as in one cigarette. Using this spray, the person wean from the "ritual" of Smoking, but does not get rid of physiological dependence,if such has been formed. Comments are already quitters claim that these drugs will help to overcome the most difficult psychological discomfort that appears when you start to fight with Smoking. Such forms worth a try for those who have a Smoking history of more than 10-15 years, and those who have already tried other means, but does not contain nicotine.

The second group of sprays nicotine are not included in existing components according to the instructions. This includes spray "End of Smoking", "Nicotinism", "Spray of Smoking." They all contain different herbs that when smoked cause nausea, bitterness. End the habit comes with the formation of the reflex of disgust at the sight of cigarettes and tobacco smoke. How much time it takes is very individual.

Reviews of ex-smokers confirm that the tool they used within a month or two and get rid of addiction without any consequences for the organism. According to the instructions to the drug, even pregnant and nursing you can use this spray. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to the components. Buy "Nicoin" only in online stores.

The next popular tool – the "End of Smoking", it consists entirely of plant components. It includes the following herbs: lemon balm, ginger, skullcap and hops, and the flavor is oat extract.

Hops has a pronounced sedative effect, ginger activates the metabolism, skullcap helps eliminate toxins from the body, and Melissa acts as a distracting agent. Oats has a mixed effect – calms the nervous system, boosts immunity, improves the cardiovascular system and kidneys, stimulates brain activity and improves memory.

Inhalation of the spray of the herbal extracts enter the blood through the blood vessels in the mouth. There they form a kind of film feel which is impossible. But along with nicotine and tar cigarettes herbs form the mouth of the connection, causing nausea, bitter and unpleasant taste. When using the spray regularly before you smoke, a person create a negative reflex on cigarettes and tobacco smoke, and soon the thought of Smoking must be bad to smoke will not want. As in the previous case of contraindications for use no with the exception of allergic reactions to components. Pregnant and nursing is undesirable the use of the drug, and people with chronic diseases should consult a doctor before taking. The price of the spray is in the range of 190-320 rubles, but it is available only in Internet stores and pharmacies of the Republic of Belarus.

Similar effect and have sprays of Nicotinell" and "Spray from Smoking," Chineseproduction. The reviews on these medications twofold, and experienced doctors say that the main thing in the fight against Smoking – the desire and self-motivation, and all invented medicines, including sprays provide only a 5 % success rate in achieving the goal. Typically, these sprays can only be ordered via online shopping.


A slightly different principle of operation from spray "Nicorette". Manufactures this drug is a subsidiary of the company "Johnson & Johnson", which not only determines the highest value of all groups of drugs – 800-900 rubles, but also ensures the availability of the drug in all drugstores. Part of the spray enters the nicotine than drug differs significantly from other forms. The manufacturer claims that after injection of aerosol in the mouth and nicotine for a minute gets into your brain, exactly the same effect develops after Smoking one cigarette. Note, however, that using "Nicorette", it is impossible to overcome the physiological addiction to nicotine. But the reviews ex-smokers, by contrast, argue that to overcome is the craving for the Smoking process difficult, and with "Nicorette" has at first only to change their way of life, without entering the body in lot of stress.

The Benefits Of "Nicorette":

  1. High availability and proven manufacturer.
  2. Contains nicotine so it is suitable to heavy smokers with great experience.
  3. Recommended for those who are drawn to Smoking after drinking alcohol or Smoking companies.
  4. Effect for the body is 100% comparable to smoked a cigarette.
  5. Causes of the syndrome.
  6. Helps to maintain a constant weight.
  7. Helps to overcome the psychological cravings to smoke.
  8. A detailed description of the use of the drug.
  9. One bottle is enough for several months of use, if earlier people had smoked 1-2 packs of cigarettes a day.

Smoking habit, directly leading to increased risk of malignant diseases. Smoke-soaked clothes, yellowed teeth and fingers for a long time nobody bring pleasure. And, unfortunately, the formation of habits is a matter of time, usually at a young age. And to think about their own health, we begin, when much has been fix difficult. Today, to combat this addiction released sprays, which may include nicotine or only natural ingredients of the herbs. The spray is easy to use, for each drug included detailed instructions. It is economically advantageous offer is the price of one bottle depending on the manufacturer ranges from 200-1000 rubles, and one bottle of spray lasts for several months. This way of dealing with Smoking finds everyday more supporters, and even experienced doctors leave positive feedback, with experience of applying sprays in complex therapy against Smoking. But still, each ex-smoker can confirm that without a strong motivation and will power any spray will not help, and most importantly – the desire to quit Smoking and be healthy.


Galina, 44:

Smoked for 25 years. But then came the grandchildren, and I decided to get over herself. Helped spray "Nikon", which was used for 3 months. Plus I started going to the pool. Never thought I would be able to cope with this habit as painless for yourself. I think it's all in the spray, so I recommend it to all.

Vitaly, 35 years:

For health reasons the doctor is urged to quit Smoking. Experience I have more than ten years and I smoked two packs a day. I decided to use the spray "Nicorette", and I was surprised that this alternative to cigarettes so effective. About a month to get used to the new regime, and now to smoke is not drawn.

Pavel, 24 years:

Smoke for 15 years then decided to quit. Found a lot of positive feedback about the sprays, now I'll decide which one to choose. Likely to stay on the drug "Nikon", attracted by the price and availability.