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Components and use cream wax Healthy psoriasis (reviews)

Cream wax Healthy from psoriasis combines all the necessary characteristics for high-quality treatment of this pathology. For doctors, this drug drug is fairly new. In the pharmacy network ointment appeared relatively recently, and during this time worked well. Reviews of patients who used the ointment in the treatment psoriatic of skin lesions, evidence of a persistent positive dynamics of the pathological process.

упаковка крема

Talk about composition

The drug "Healthy" in its chemical and component composition is referred to natural products of plant origin. In addition, the cream wax enriched products obtained by the bee. After a long time noticed, that if in the composition of medicines applied topically for the treatment of diseases of the skin, to add the bee venom or wax, then the therapeutic effect will be more pronounced.

The gel contains the following components:

  1. First on the list is the resin of the tree, like a cedar. No wonder it was nicknamed by the people "SAP". Medicines containing this component to help stabilize blood circulation in the damaged area of the skin. In the treatment of psoriasis it will help to stimulate the metabolic processes restore the integrity of affected tissues will be faster. In addition, the chemicals and vitamins included in the composition of the resin, will strengthen regional vascular cropped dropsical symptoms, and plaques characteristic of psoriasis will become less noticeable.
  2. Olive oil will help to soften rough skin and speed up the metabolic processes in them. Thanks to it cream wax will help to heal existing skin damage.
  3. Treatment gel contains extract of horse chestnut, which has a beneficial therapeutic effect on the circulatory system. This significantly reduces the viscosity of its liquid components, i.e. reduces the risk of formation of microthrombi in the regional blood stream.
  4. Experts believe that a major component of the drug is "Healthy" is propolis. This bee product contains a large list of chemicals and vitamins necessary to maintain human health. This is quite a powerful natural antimicrobial agent. Scientists have found that its rich chemical composition indispensable in the treatment of psoriasis. Propolis is able to arrest the inflammatory process, stimulate the metabolic and regenerative response. In the end, the cream promotes rapid healing of plaques.
  5. The cream contains bee venom is a potent immunostimulatory component which beneficially affects not only the immune system but also the endocrinecancer. In addition, docked with it, pain symptoms and reduced the severity of local inflammatory process.
  6. This bee product like wax that enriches the ointment. It is a biologically active component, which creates on the surface of the patient's skin with symptoms of psoriasis the protective film. It is the wax protects the damaged skin from drying out, reduces the inflammatory reaction, accelerates regenerative processes.
  7. Extract, which is obtained in the processing of dead bees, is also used in the cream Healthy. It enriches the cream virtually all of the substances that forms the bee throughout its life cycle. His use of this drug will provide a tonic, antioxidant and antimicrobial pharmacological action. Thanks to him, the analgesic effect of the drug Healthy becomes more pronounced.

The cream is characterized by a fairly rapid positive effect. Reviews patients note that the use of the drug during several days leads to mild symptomatic manifestations of pain and itching in the diagnosis of psoriasis. The Healthy gel that contains botanicals and beeswax, and reduces the intensity of edema, and skin peel will be much less.

Patient testimonials say that the cream is Healthy in the treatment of psoriasis has the following positive effects on the body:

  1. The ointment not only treats the symptomatic manifestations of psoriasis, but also prevents the appearance of the characteristic plaques on other areas of the body.
  2. The medicinal components included in the composition of the drug and bees wax, are perfectly absorbed through the skin. Reaching the capillaries of the bloodstream components included in the cream, easily spread throughout the body of the patient. This explains the fact that the gel relieves the symptoms of psoriasis, such as pain and swelling.
  3. The ointment will not only help to restore damaged surface tissues of the skin, it normalizes blood flow of capillaries running through them.
  4. Wax and olive oil, are part of drugs Healthy, will not only soften the skin but also protects it from the adverse effects of external factors.
  5. The ointment has a very unique structure that its components (vitamins, herbal extracts, products derived from bees wax) have a beneficial effect not only on the affected areas of the skin but the entire body of the patient.
  6. The drug Healthy is simple, deal with it, evenchild. Consequently, the price of effort is small, but the effect is immense.
  7. This gel may cause harmful effects on the body, even a small child.
  8. Cream containing wax, unlike other drugs used in the treatment of psoriasis, cheap. The price in drugstores of Russia does not exceed 990 rubles, and in Ukraine the price ranges from 400 UAH.

Experts say that the cream is Healthy from psoriasis successfully found its application in the treatment of this disease in the human body. The tool not only relieves the main symptoms of the disease, but also increases the duration of remission periods. Symptomatic manifestations of exacerbation are not as heavy, and these periods will not be long.



Anna J., 40:

The problem with the skin was not me and my husband. We tried everything, but no improvement was observed. Pain and itching in the affected areas of skin only worsened. Tried the ointment "Healthy". Through the week my husband noticed visible improvement of the health condition: the pain disappeared completely, the itching remained, but only slightly, and the skin began to look better. After treatment within one month of illness and left no traces. Ordered here http://b.zdorov-psoriasis.com/

Victoria M., 32 years:

Ointment Healthy bought, after reading reviews online on the forum. Use long, only 10 days. Plaque has not yet come, but did Glad that they have practically ceased to ache and itch. I will continue to receive treatment.

Natalia V., 27 years:

Psoriasis, says my doctor, I have sluggish. Affected only a small area of skin on the palm of your hand. It does not hurt and does not itch like the others, and just dry to the touch and scaly. On the advice of a doctor tried the cream Healthy. The skin is softer and not so scaly.

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