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Examples of Kegel exercises at home

Many of the known benefits of kegels for men. And the fact that their implementation does not require considerable financial cost, makes this method of healing the male body more popular. After all, you can do Kegel exercises at home in your spare time with your hands. And for those who are too lazy to do them on your own, there is a special trainer.

женщины занимаются гимнастикой

The video shows one such simulators.


Technique exercises for strengthening intimate muscles at home was first proposed by the famous American gynecologist by the name of Kegel. They were originally intended for women suffering from urinary incontinence. It was subsequently observed that such training significantly improves the condition of the genitourinary system. Because the structure of the pelvic floor muscles in women and men is characterized by a similar structure, then there is an assumption about the effectiveness of kegels for men. This assumption was confirmed, after all, practice Kegel works in the following directions:

  1. Improved erection.
  2. Increase the duration of sexual intercourse due to control over ejaculation.
  3. Increase in the severity of sensations during orgasm.
  4. Prevention of prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia and hemorrhoids.

The principle of the exercises at home is to work the pelvic floor muscles, improving their tone and endurance. All the above effects are achieved main training of intimate muscles — pubococcygeus.

This muscle was described in detail in the video

Reviews of men show that Kegel practice at home really effective.


In order to understand how to correctly perform the Kegel exercise, you must find pubic-coccygeal muscle. To do this, you should concentrate and try to detain a stream of urine during urination. This will mark the reduction of this muscle bundle. In fact, all actions will be aimed at strengthening the anatomical structure. Now consider the technique of performance of exercises Kegel for men, and clearly understand the scheme of doing video.

  • Exercise 1.

The essence of the exercise is rhythmic tension of intimate muscles. To do this, men must try to pull up the bottomthe abdomen and perineum. It is important to remember that the training is effective, if the stage of tension of muscles on the inhale and relaxing on exhale. The advantage is that the exercise men can perform at any time, sitting, lying, standing. Must begin with a run no less than seven times, gradually you should increase the speed, number and amplitude of movements. Movements should be alternated.

  • Exercise 2.

To run you must hold your urine in, the jet is gaining power. At first it can seem daunting. But after a regular run it will be possible to hold the stream, prevent any leakage even drops. For one urination, you should repeat the exercise 3 to 7 times. It is worth noting that the successful implementation is the first step to the ability to delay ejaculation and comprehension skills long-lasting sexual acts.

  • Exercise 3.

Slow gradual tension of the muscles of the pelvic floor, which, after maximum compression, follows the same gradual relaxation. For effective training at home need to be completed in several approaches out of 10 times.

  • Exercise 4.

Quick tensing and relaxing of the muscular apparatus of the pelvic floor. Thus alone man creates a simulated vibration muscles. The video clearly demonstrates the technique workouts for men

Training of intimate muscles men Kegel at home or the trainer warned of stagnant phenomena and inflammatory processes in organs of small pelvis. Because of this alone could prevent the development of diseases of the genitourinary system and significantly improve its functioning. Thus a man can own efforts to improve their health and quality of sexual life. But the main condition for this is regular exercise.



The first such exercise was skeptical. But for fun I decided to try it, especially because of the additional time and cost is required. In the end, after a couple of months noticed that really can control the ejaculation. So we were very pleased and continue training.


Kegel exercises I was advised by the urologist to treat urinary incontinence. Happy with the result. I admit that at first, every exercise I was not easy. But in the process learned to confidently control the process of urination.


On the Internet I learned about a technique Kegel. Like anything complex, but the effect is admirable. Never thought I pumped a few muscles, you can significantlyto improve the quality of sexual life.