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Instructions for use of clip-on earrings anti-snore with prices and reviews

"While wearing the clip silicone anti-snore (Snore free nose clip breathing normalizes, tissues get normal amount of oxygen, occur healthy metabolic and regenerative processes. The clip opens up the breathing channels, does not form snoring".

мужчина с женщиной спят

Sounds great, right? But how truthful this ad annotation to the device? Understand this, carefully read the instructions, try it out, identify the indications and contraindications, compare the price with the cost in other remedies against snoring, read the real testimonials of people who have tried the device.

The appearance of the fixture

Consider the appearance of the silicone clips. Is a device flexible miniature horseshoe with thickenings at the ends (with the help of them it is attached to the nasal septum). The anti-snore device has the following parameters:

  • length clip-on earrings – 2 cm;
  • clip width– 1 cm;
  • height clips – 0.4 cm;
  • weight clips – 3.5 g;
  • color – matte white.

The clip is sold together with a miniature round container. The box has a lid with the snap lock, making it convenient to take with you (clip will not fall out accidentally, and won't get dirty). You can buy clip case with an embedded mirror – it's convenient, although it makes the price a little higher.

How the device works and who it helps

The principle of operation of high-powered judging instructions – reflexology impact on the nerve endings of the nasal septum. These nerve endings are biologically active points, stimulation of which promotes relaxation of the muscles of the upper palate and the larynx.

By the way, there is an improved version of the anti-snore clip with embedded small magnets that increases the effect on the blood vessels and muscles of the nasopharynx. The magnetic clip is a little more expensive than usual (about 200-300 rubles).

If you examine the reviews online, we will see that the people were divided into two groups: someone in awe of this simple device, and someone writes negative reviews, noting that he did not notice any improvement. Well, this division of opinions is quite logical – absolutely everything the device can not help because snoring occurs for a variety of reasons.

Cost comparison with analogues

The price of the clip anti-snoring – from 120 rubles. The price of magnetic anti-snore – 270 RUB. For comparison, here's the cost for other means of anti-snoring that you can use at home:

The name means

The approximate price

The anti snoring pillow Oxygen plus

the price was 6200 RUB.

Anti-Snore Wristband

is1600 RUB.

Mouth guard stop snoring Anti Snore Mouthpiece

the price is 450 RUB.

Mouth guard snoring Somnoguard

is 3500 RUB.

Headband anti-snore

is 1250 RUB.

Spray Doctor Snoring

costs 280 rubles.

Device Ekstra-LOR

costs 750 RUB.

So, we have described the properties of clip-on earrings anti-snore. It is easy to use, is inexpensive and can be used without the advice of a doctor at home. Note, however, that if the clip will not help you in the course of a month, then snoring is caused by more serious reasons that could not be defeated by this simple device. In this case, you should go to sleep or the ENT doctor and start medical treatment to finally deal with the cause of snoring and finally get rid of him once and for all.



My husband snores like a bull. Long tried to persuade him to undergo any procedure. To visit the sleep has not agreed. I decided to try the clip. The first week has not given any effect – as was snoring and continued to snore. But then he noticed that the snoring has started to become quieter. He is now the strength has fallen by almost half, soon I think and will generally, for this result thank you very much.

Timothy K.:

Use the anti-snore only the fifth night. While about results to speak early. All I can say is that the clip is lightweight and does not cause any discomfort.


I decided to try the anti-snore, after 12 days I started to snore less, and after 3 weeks stopped altogether. Try. The clip is inexpensive, so nothing to lose, even if the device does not help.