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About the first symptoms of HIV infection in men

HIV symptoms in men differ from women, is one of the especially dangerous infectious diseases to treat which today is not possible. Each year the statistics become more and more disappointing. The high level of sexual activity, along with a lack of barrier contraception, making the risk of accidental HIV infection in men is real and predictable. What will discuss in this article.


HIV infection typically is. And because the transmission of the virus occurs from person to person by direct contact. The risk of infection carries any liquid of the body of the patient: blood, semen and Podkamennaya fluid, vaginal discharge, breast milk.

Transmission usually occurs through sexual contact. In saliva and urine also contains virus, but the amount is so small that the probability of infection is reduced to zero. Another way of transmission is getting released into the bloodstream of HIV-infected blood what happens when blood transfusion in a medical hospital (the probability is negligible) or if you share injection needles. Therefore, the risk of infection is particularly high among men who inject drugs and practicing promiscuity.
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The stage of immunodeficiency

The human immunodeficiency virus in its development goes through several stages, which, depending on the clinical symptoms can be classified as: incubation period, initial symptoms, the stage of secondary manifestations, and its final terminal stage.

  • The incubation period usually is completely asymptomatic and can last from three weeks to ten years.
  • The incubation period is replaced by the stage of primary manifestations. At this point, there is a risk of the first acute and asymptomatic infection, developed generalized lymphadenopathy.
  • In the next stage of development of the disease there are secondary manifestations of HIV: the first lesions of the skin and mucous membranes, pathological changes of internal organs, increasing the likelihood of developing generalized disease.
  • In conclusion, there comes the terminal stage, which in 100% of cases are fatal. HIV treatment at this stage does not bring positive effect.

A particular danger of HIV infection is that for a long time, she can generally does not manifest itself. And a man once infected has no idea that with it something happened. This continues until the first symptoms of the disease, the likelihood ofwhich is especially great in a period from two weeks to three months after infection.


The first significant HIV symptoms in men occur at the stage of primary manifestations, which completes the incubation period. They are blurry or quite obvious, in any case, it should be wary if the following occurs:

  1. For no apparent reason, the body temperature rises to 38-38,5 °C. This condition lasts for several days, then it may fall to normal, although the probability that the temperature will remain at the level of low grade (37 °C).
  2. Causing severe or mild headaches, treatment drugs does not bring the desired effect. Usually, headaches can appear after three months after infection.
  3. Observed infection weakened immune system: if there is no treatment, begin to overcome colds. There is a possibility of overflow from one to another, during the period from one month to two after infection.
  4. You can't ignore the lethargy, continuing fatigue, increasing lethargy.
  5. Among cutaneous manifestations, it is worth noting red rashes or white spots that appear on the early stages of progression of HIV infection. As a rule, this symptom draws attention to itself and assigned drug treatment.
  6. Three months from the onset of the disease in men is enlargement of lymph nodes. Usually starts from one node, usually on the neck, then increase the nodes in the groin, under the arms. Discomfort, marked pain or similar symptoms when this does not occur.
  7. After three weeks of the disease in men is accompanied by a drastic loss of appetite. In the same period, a high risk of developing persistent diarrhoea, which can lead to significant weight loss.

The first signs of HIV infection in men should be cause for seeking medical help. Just started treatment, though will not cure the disease, but will greatly reduce the risk of imminent development of end-stage infected and prolong life when every year is worth its weight in gold. In addition, though the treatment of the disease has not yet been developed, early detection of HIV will allow us to avoid new infections, save many lives.