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Technique exercise Kegel: when it helps

To improve health, promote faster recovery and allow the muscle tone, strengthen joints help not only medicines, but also a special gymnastic exercises. For example, Kegel exercises for the recommended and women, and men. Regular performance of a complex developed by Arnold Kegel in the 40-ies of the last century, helps with sexual problems in the urinary system.

Advantages and what is forbidden

Kegel exercises — professional complex that is used within physical therapy (physical therapy). Numerous observations and studies have proven these fairly simple exercises can help men:

  1. To improve the condition of muscles. Gymnastics is working muscles of the pelvis, including the pubic-coccygeal muscles and intimate men.
  2. To improve blood circulation, supply of oxygen to tissues; it helps to clean the stagnant education, to reduce inflammation.

Men Kegel exercises are recommended for hemorrhoids, prostatitis, urinary incontinence (for example, prostatectomy), sexual problems with erection and potency.

Patient testimonials confirm that gymnastics is very simple. It can be enjoyed on their own, using instructions from the Internet or examining video

It does not require much time or special equipment. Most importantly — its effectiveness is confirmed, it really helps with some diseases.

In 2005 at the initiative of the journal BJU International, was conducted the study. Within 4 months 50 volunteers (men over 20 years with various diseases) every day, performed exercises Kegel. In the result, it was found:

  • exercises Kegel for hemorrhoids helps men to accelerate the healing twice;
  • Kegel exercises for urinary incontinence helped patients to get rid of the disease up to 70% faster than conventional medical treatment;
  • 75% of men experiencing difficulties with erections, I noticed a significant improvement at the end of the test.

There are several contraindications to performing gymnastics Kegel. Exercises are prohibited to do with inflammatory processes: additional physical exercise contributes to the spread of pus. Also exercises are not recommended after operations on organs of small pelvis, as at this time need to be in a state of rest. If you have doubts about the suitability of the complex Kegel, it is better to consult with your doctor.

Rules for the implementation

Exercises the Kegel unusual as it does not imply habitual movements of the hands and feet, it'sbuilt on the contraction of certain muscles of the pelvic floor. What is a muscle? To find them, do not have to go into special books or videos, feel them, if during urination to stop the urine stream. In this process, you just used muscles that you will need to use during exercises Kegel.

So we understand what the pelvic floor muscles should be engaged. Now you can start exercises. It consists of three parts:

  1. You need as much stretch the pelvic floor muscles, hold the position for 4 — 5 seconds, relax. Repeat 10 – 12 times.
  2. Do the same as in the first part, but now do not stay in a state of tension, and Vice versa — trying to increase the speed of repetition between the tension and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. Repeat 1– 2 minutes.
  3. Compressible pelvic floor muscles, without stopping, go to the stage of forced pushing (like something pushing from the inside). Linger for 2-3 seconds. Relax muscles, to repeat again. To make 7-8 approaches.

When performing exercises do not strain the muscles of the buttocks, legs, stomach — should be involved only muscles of the pelvic floor. Follow the breath — it must be calm, do not delay on the inhale or the exhale. Body position does not matter. Some video tutorials are recommended to do exercises standing, but in fact, you can repeat the exercises lying and sitting — so she will not cease to be effective.

The number of sets in the gym is not limited. The more the man will perform the approaches, the greater effect it will achieve. The main thing — to listen to the body (it will tell you if there's power to do another round or just need a break until the next day). Each time it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions and the time of detention of tension in the muscles of the pelvic floor.

If you feel any pain or cramping, stop. If they are repeated every time when performing gymnastics Kegel, so it doesn't fit you, is to look for other exercises to train the pelvic floor muscles (the Internet enough videos of different exercises).

Last tip: do not expect that only the Kegel exercises (like any other exercise – Bubnovskogo, Yunusova, etc.) will help to get rid of hemorrhoids, prostatitis, urinary incontinence, sexual problems with erection. Gymnastics helps comprehensively, in conjunction with other methods of treatment, so combine it with medication, diet, physical activities.