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Normal blood platelets in men depending on age (comparison table)

The norm of platelets in the blood in men is an indicator for normal body functions, in particular its hematopoietic function. The upgrade process of these cells takes place constantly, since their life cycle in just 7-10 days. The process of disintegration and the birth takes place continuously in the bone marrow and the spleen. The unbalance between the birth and the utilization of platelets is manifested as a tendency to increased thrombus formation or disposition to bleeding.

тромбоциты в крови

The many faces of the plate

Platelets – plate, Bizzozero, colorless and non-nuclear blood cells, size is much less red and more polymorphic. Red bone marrow and spleen are their place of birth. The rate of the number of male adult average 300×10⁹/L. a newborn boy this figure may vary within wide limits – from 100 to 420×10⁹/L. this is Explained by the unstable hematopoietic system. As they grow, their content slightly decreases for men of Mature age characterized by stable indicators of the level of platelet cells 180-380×10⁹/L. aging of the human platelet count it increases, blood becomes more viscous and less fluid, which increases the risk of thrombosis.

Most of these plates is deposited in the state and if necessary, immediately released into the bloodstream. Normal functioning cerveobraznae system of males is characterized by a constant number of them. Physiological causes of increased platelet levels in men are after a meal or muscular work. Regular exercise and increased physical activity can improve their level in men. Values up to 520×10⁹/l is not considered critical and is adjusted by a special diet. The menu included products having properties to thin the blood. It's berries and fruit sour flavor, fish oil, flax oil. In addition, it is important to keep drinking regime and to eliminate the use tromboobrazovania products. All this can cause the platelet count to normal.

To determine the platelet count in men can a laboratory test. The analysis seems in the morning on an empty stomach.

Table of values of age norm


100-420 × 10⁹/l


180-380 × 10⁹

Male athlete

520 × 10⁹

Male 60

180-380 × 10⁹

Pathological causes due to system failure krovoobrashseniya. The normal level of platelet cells is shifted in the direction of increasing(thrombocytosis) or decrease (thrombocytopenia).

The platelets vary in degree of maturity. At the Mature age of the plates account for the bulk of the platelets. Table-thrombocythemia shows their percentage. This analysis characterizes the process of thrombocytopoiesis:

  • Mature – basic forms.
  • Young – more Mature. Increase their number happens with blood loss.
  • Old "shriveled" plates with narrow rim, and the number of granules increased.
  • Forms of irritation – the giant stripes of narrow cells. Meet in the pathology of hematopoiesis.
  • Degenerative altered small in size, in healthy people, they are not observed.

Platelet function involves direct participation in clotting. During the violation of the integrity of blood vessels they activate and immediately headed to the site of injury. In this case glued with each other and with the vessel wall, forming a blood clot – a clot that prevents further blood loss. The norm of platelets provides a good blood clotting in men.

Coagulation as a protective reaction of the organism

Homeostasis is a biological system of keeping the blood in fluid state. Normal hemostasis helps stop bleeding at infringement of integrity of the vascular wall and the dissolution of blood clots. The problem lies in the narrowing of the injured vessel. Under the influence of active thromboplastin in the damaged vessel wall within 1-3 minutes it starts to adhesion (adhesion) and bonding(aggregation) of platelets. So the formation of "white thrombus".

The process of coagulation is a protective reaction of the organism from blood loss. This is a multistep process, which involved thirteen plasma enzymes and compounds released from injured tissues and cells. Takes place in three stages;

  1. The formation of active thromboplastin.
  2. The transformation of the inactive form (prothrombin) to active thrombin. The stage proceeds in the presence of calcium ions and other factors of the plasma.
  3. The action of thrombin promotes the conversion of soluble plasma protein fibrinogen into insoluble form fibrin, which precipitates in the form of threadlike formations. The formation of "red thrombus".

The normal platelet count for men and women are different. Age also affects their content. There is a table of normal peripheral blood, concerning which it is possible to consider the analysis of the individual. The increase in the number of these cells increases the risk of blood clots, and decrease the likelihood of bleeding. Detailed laboratory analysis determines not only the quantity but also the age, which is important whenthe preparation of trombozitami.

Low level plates of platelet is called thrombocytopenia. Frequent causes come from the overuse of medicines. Among the diseases, leading to thrombocytopenia, it should be noted hepatitis, Hypo - and gipertireoze, and disease of the bone marrow. Lowest rate of these formed elements observed in the use of anticancer drugs.

How to normalize thick blood

Causes of thrombocytosis can be the gradual aging of the body. Old age dangerous blood clots, which can occur embolism. Such patients are observed by a physician or a hematologist, and the appropriate analysis is the main informative component of the diagnosis. As the conservative treatment used drugs from the group of anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents, and appropriate diet. It should be noted that these drugs to give the patient has the right doctor, after a series of laboratory tests.

Why you need to do analysis on blood platelets. Then, to control the normal operation of the hemostasis and coagulation system. Taken together, this reduces the risk of thrombosis or bleeding. The norm of these cells provides good rheological properties of blood. The men who lead an athletic lifestyle, the platelet count is sometimes slightly elevated. Correct it with proper nutrition.

Age from 60 years also characteristic changes in the blood in the direction of its thickening. Periodic its study to all age groups.

The normal concentration of platelets contributes to the adequate work of hemostasis, which ensures the safety of blood in the fluid state, stop blood loss upon vascular injury and the dissolution of blood clots. Analysis on platelets and the reference table of indicators will show the level of these cells in men. The results will help the doctor to detect causes of deviations.