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Methods of effective increase potency in men

How to increase the potency? This question excites not only men who turned the half-century milestone. Due to the fact that the modern pace of life for most men is saturated, the ways to enhance erection you have to apply to young men.

Fortunately, the situation is correctable, in most cases, quickly and in a short time, it is important to understand the reason for the decline of erection and to eliminate all the negative aspects.

Erotica guardian erection

Massage is one of the important components for fun partners, and increased potency occurs as if by itself. Better if the massage is to stabilize the erection will fulfill the woman acting on the man is his charm, hands, lips and hair (this helps with prostate problems quickly and efficiently). Special attention should be paid to natural erogenous zones, and furthermore, we should not forget that loved one is your "magic points" to learn about which is essential.

If you want, enhance libido and erections can be achieved with aromatic oils. Special attention, experts advise to pay for the tantric massage, when attention is paid to the sexual organs. It is the ability to Express feelings and a great opportunity to answer the question: how to increase the potency and strengthen erections simply and quickly?

Useful exercise to increase potency prostate massage, which is a preventive measure in combating various diseases in men. It is much more effective than various drugs, fast reduces the risk of prostatitis (eliminates congestion), increases the ability to conceive children, and increases erection.

Should not this procedure be considered frivolous and treat her with irony: after it eliminated many of the problems in the areas of prostate and libido becomes stable and strong. To perform prostate massage can be even when no problems with erections is not observed.

Looking for "sticking points"

May increase male potency with the help of massaging special points. On the foot increases the potency of the dot in the center of the heel. Another magic couple of spots on the inside of the heel.

1st period (back): sit upright, place your hands just below the waist and move closer to the spine (the middle between tailbone and waist). It is from this place, you can start massaging along the middle fingers from both sides of the spine simultaneously.

2nd period (hand): to recede from the bone at wrist 1-1. 5 cm closer to the elbow.

Unique technology

Bracelet to increase potency – the product of the modern market of sexual services. This is a new technology that allows you to expand the capabilities of the human body, increase endurance and strengtherection.

The principle of operation

Power bracelet allows you to protect a person from harmful radiation and "get" him in a positive frequency the forces of nature. In bracelet to increase potency connected properties of ionization, tourmaline, silicone, golograficheskaya able to positively affect the body and the prostate in particular, without the involvement of medicines.

Two milanovia holograms — the secret of the bracelet, they act on the electromagnetic field of the human body.

Power Pomerania

The peoples of the North living near the sea, knew how to increase the potency. First of all, the diet of men should be a lot of fresh meat and fish. Meat contains many amino acids, vitamins gr. In, stimulating extractives and iron. In fish – Ka, F, Mg, iodine (in marine fish), copper, molybdenum and zinc. All these components are necessary to maintain male health, stable erections and prostate health. But do not forget that we are talking about fresh fish and meat semi – finished products of unknown origin, which "live" on supermarket shelves, not only not able to raise virility, and can even hurt her, and prostate due to the content of preservatives, dyes and other not useful components.

The secrets of the world's peoples

Ways to increase potency in different countries of the world have been known for a long time. For the modern man they are acceptable, cheap and proven repeatedly over many centuries.

  • Know-how from the "Kama Sutra". The Indians are advised to eat rice with milk and honey, passerine eggs, fried onions;
  • Increased potency, the diet of the samurai. A dish of grated radish was especially appreciated on the table of the Japan samurai, which had to be always on top – not only in combat. Modern man can successfully replace the radish to beets;
  • France "taxis". Unique ways to increase potency and prevention of prostate problems) was known in the time of Henry IV, known for its many bed wins. He also invented a unique drink: a mixture of egg yolk and brandy;
  • "The papal sauce". The drug successfully used to enhance erection and prostate.

The will of the Romans

In his notes, Pliny the Elder mentioned the magical effect of pink onions, garlic, black pepper and paprika on the prostate. Modern doctors have confirmed that these products increase metabolism and have an overall beneficial effect on the human body. Any modern man available these products are, therefore, to stabilize the prostate quickly, thereby povysit potency.

Recipes traditional healers-herbalists

Healers of the past centuries knew how to boost potency: useddecoctions, infusions and tinctures from herbs, flowers, tubers and berries with different sets of ingredients. There were asparagus, Orchis, periwinkle, parsnip, lungwort, Platanthera, thyme, plantain, wormwood.

African tree

"Pechatnoe tree yojimbo (place of origin – Republic of Cameroon), is very popular among the local population. Its bark contains the alkaloid yohimbine, which enhances erections, narrowing blocks the action of hormones on the blood vessels of the penis men. Yohimbine stimulates libido to increase, but has multiple side effects, so those who have problems with CCC, alkaloid contraindicated.

The legendary insects"

Cantharis (Spanish or bugs) to increase potency, containing cantharidin, used in Europe in the middle ages. Cantharidin irritating to blood vessels and skin. Currently, this substance is prohibited for use.

Mystery of Siberian forests

Strong Siberian peasants always appealed to herbalists and healers to quickly improve the potency, which was cooked drug of the following herbs:

  • Ginseng is on the first place among herbal remedies that promote "male height". In former times, the root of ginseng with the man was prized by medicine men for its weight in gold, and the locus of the plants kept in the strictest confidence. Modern doctors have proven that "living root" actually has a high therapeutic efficiency and extremely low toxicity and increased potency observed due to a tonic and bracing effect on the entire body;
  • Siberian ginseng on some properties than ginseng. Also enhances the potency and the devil (FAM. Araliaceae);
  • The aralia is more powerful than the vine, but more pronounced toxicity. Apply tincture in the morning 10-20 drops;
  • Chinese Schizandra stimulates and tones the body men, but it is not recommended before bedtime, of course, if the couple does not expect to stay up all night. In addition, do not take it with gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension and disruption of the cardiovascular system;
  • Leuzea carthamoides. Dose of 40 drops, obitaniya – 20-25 drops. The effect "visible" at the 5-6 day of admission.

To increase potency, the Incas used the drug "cat's claw", which contains an extract of Liana Uncaria tomentos.