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The rapid-inflation muscles at home and in the audience

Beautiful body with an attractive landscape of muscles is the dream of many. As you know, it requires a lot of effort and time. In addition to hard physical training in the gym, you must comply with dietary suggestions. But still try to consider how fast to build muscle and if possible a spectacular result in no time.

мужчина с накачанными мышцами

General guidelines

If you decided to change your body, you first need to be examined by a doctor. Special studies will help determine the tolerance to physical activity, and learn what exercises are useful and which it is impossible to perform. And heavy loads is restricted. So, if the results of the consultation of the doctor are no contraindications to training no, proceed to consider the General recommendations:

  1. Sleep and wakefulness. Ensure that night's sleep was about 8 hours. For muscle mass and forming seductive relief is important to observe the schedule of sleep and rest. Avoid night partying and sleep for half a day. Excessive mental or physical exertion require recovery, or training to increase muscle mass, will be less effective.
  2. Regular use of the gym or a regular workout using sports equipment in the home. Effectively and quickly build muscle shoulders, arms, legs, calf, latissimus dorsi muscle using different weights for barbells and dumbbells. The optimal amount of training is three to seven days. Recommended training duration should be at least 45 minutes, and better to do in the next hour. In working through the muscles of the arms, shoulders, legs, back, you need to perform 3 or 4 exercises for each of the groups.
  3. Compliance with exercise technique. If you perform the exercise correctly, considering all the features, you can quickly achieve the desired result. Each exercise includes the work of a specific muscle. Even a slight deviation from the method recommended involves other groups of muscle fibers. It is not surprising that the result is not always the one that is expected. Another fact in favor of observance of this technique is the prevention of injury. Getting injured during training is quite simple, especially for clumsy use of sports equipment. Not even calculate the required weight of ballast or weights, can cause tearing of muscle fibers, strains and sprains.
  4. Diet. Recommended 5-6 meals a day. At the same time for muscle growth you needconsume sufficient amount of foods containing protein. Useful to use whole grains as a source of energy. And also do not forget about vegetables and fruits. This diet creates favorable conditions for the formation of an inflated body in the home. To Supplement the diet can sports nutrition. In order to build muscle shoulders, arms, legs, and wide back, it would be advantageous to creatine, the amino acid mixture. They contain proteins and carbohydrates in certain proportions. It's not necessary to buy expensive weight gainers, because you can cook yourself at home.

Thanks to simple and familiar to every exercise can train the latissimus dorsi at home. This method combined with the diet has had good results.

Way to pump up the muscles of the legs is running. During exercise you can use a special weighting, which will increase the load on your calf muscles. Also very suitable for such a method as:

  • Squats. Can be performed with a barbell or dumbbells, both with and without sports equipment.
  • Lunges forward. Starting position standing. Step forward and inhale, begin to squat. Based on the leading foot, return to starting position. Repeat the same with the other leg.
  • Bringing the hips in position. Lying on your side, lean on the forearm of the lower arm and bent the upper leg. Raise the straightened bottom leg up and down.
  • Lifting on the tips of the fingers.

Often men pay little attention to the lower extremities. A large part of the workout is spent on the pumping muscles of the body and hands. As a result, this asymmetry between the upper and lower part of the body is quite unattractive.

If it is correct to execute, the result will soon be visible. At home these exercises can be performed even by a teenager. Execution method is simple, and the training is very useful to maintain the body in good shape.

Not always at home can quickly pump up the muscles of the shoulders, legs, hands, as well as the gastrocnemius and the latissimus dorsi. However, to accelerate the result, you can use sports nutrition, protein powders and gainers. Don't forget to eat right. The combination of these conditions leads to very good result and even the teenager would be able to pump up a spectacular body.