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Features and details of the equipment performing the Romanian deadlift

The Romanian deadlift is one of the basic exercises in strength training, powerlifting. However, not everyone knows how to perform this exercise, which can observe the error. In order to avoid them, it is important to understand what should be the technique. It is also important to know the main difference from the classic version, its features and the subtleties of execution. Thanks to numerous videos to workout at home.

Женщина делает упражнение


The name of this deadlift variant appeared in the 90-ies of the last century. It was first performed by Romanian weightlifter. In this regard, exercise has acquired this name.

Especially the Romanian deadlift is that during its implementation involves the largest muscles of the back and lower extremities. That's the ones that are so hard to train. While the Romanian variant is a lightweight exercise. During training worked mainly muscles back of the thigh.

The Romanian deadlift is performed with dumbbells or a barbell. In this case, for a good work out large muscles the weight should be decent. For novices of the fairer sex will suit the way with dumbbells. So they will be easier to distribute the center of gravity.

In General, there are several basic differences from the classical Romanian thrust. These include the following:

  • trajectory;
  • the weight of the sports projectile;
  • the position of the pelvis;
  • the impact on certain groups of muscles.

Phased review

The technique of the Romanian deadlift differs slightly from the classic version with dumbbells or a barbell. The technique of classic exercises provides the maximum lowering of the pelvis, with the barbell placed on the floor. The Romanian variant is characterized in that the projectile should be deleted on the floor, but only up to mid-calf. Clearly the exercise demonstrated in the video. Below are phased technique exercises:

  1. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, knees should be slightly bent, thus redistributing the load and center of gravity. Ensure that the back was always smooth. Bent back is a fairly common mistake for beginners. To prevent this try to look forward, not feet. You should also avoid excessive bending of the back in the lumbar.
  2. Take a barbell grip on top or a dumbbell. Try to keep the projectile as close as possible to the thigh.
  3. On inhale, begin to bend the body and lower the shell to the level of mid-calf. The pelvis is deflected backwards, but not down. And the caseis parallel to the floor.
  4. Slowly return to the starting position. Try to strain and involve the gluteal muscles and biceps. Exhale.

Execution of the Romanian deadlift start only after warming up of muscles. The lack of warm up can lead to sprains and other injuries. For a start it will be enough for 6 or 10 repetitions. The optimal number of sets is 3-4. It is important to remember that haste in this case is misplaced. Do the exercise slowly, working through every muscle.

The Romanian deadlift is a common form of exercise. This option prefer to include in your training are women. This is because the focus is aimed at the gluteal muscles and muscles back of the thigh, including the biceps. The effect on the lumbar spine is minimal. Men also often impose this option. For injury prevention, correct technique, which is well demonstrated in the numerous videos.

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