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Review the best exercises to inflate the press at the gym

To pump up the press at home, you'll need iron discipline, effort, willpower and the right diet. Exercises should be performed with a certain interval, which allows the warmed muscles to relax, but not lose the flow of blood. In the gym complex on the press will be more organized and, consequently, more productive. Effective trainers will allow you to work through all the layers of muscle, and a competent instructor will draw up an individual training program.

Чоловік робить вправу

A little anatomy

Abdominal muscles (bark), together with the gluteal and thigh form a muscular corset. Involved in the formation of abdominal wall retaining internal organs and support the body in a stable condition. We all from birth are the same, differing only in certain physical features. Press the muscles are divided into:

  • Rectus abdominis – the rectus musculus of abdominis. Extends from the sternum to the pubic bone, covering the abdomen and is responsible for the state of the press. Is divided into right and left parts by a layer of connective tissue (white line). Musculus rectus in the transverse direction divided 3-4 tendon jumpers that form the coveted "cubes". It is involved in the twisting of the torso in the lumbar (strained upper abs). Responsible for raising the pelvis is stationary chest (open lower division), the exhalation and lowering of the ribs.
  • Obliques:
  1. The outer muscle Externus. A pair of wide superficial muscle taking started on the side of the sternum from the eighth rib and covering the inner layer. Works when lifting and carrying heavy loads, helps to maintain the body in an upright position and its rotation in the opposite direction.
  2. Internal oblique muscle – internus. Is running in the upper diagonal direction of the beams in a fan, forms the middle layer of the peritoneum. Responsible for the "Adonis belt"– V-shaped line the bottom. Involved in rotation and flexion of the housing body and the compression of the press. Main exercise for the oblique muscles – side twisting.
  • Transverse muscle – transversus was abdominal. The deepest layer of muscles that surrounds the entire area of the abdomen. Supports internal organs, participates in the breath, compression of the ribs, bending and turning the torso.

We list the basic compound exercises in the gym.

Lifts can be performed with slightly bent knees, but the angle should remain constant until the end of the exercise, which requires sufficient training. Beginners and girls will suit him the Lite version – rise of the legs, focusing on your elbows on the simulator. This complex is similar to the leg lifts in a vise.You must follow the proper technique of the exercise: the elbows rest against the crossbar of the simulator, straight back to the pillow. The shoulders should not rise.

The gymnastic wheel is a universal shell

Of particular interest is the simulator frame simulator in the form of a wheel. It looks simple device allows you to train a whole complex of muscles. Effective exercises aim to increase strength of the abdominals and the formation of a strong muscular corset. While running a large number of muscles, which promotes muscle growth and improve posture.

Get on all fours, to take up exerciser roller. In this position, hold your arms out and place an exercise roller under the breast. On the inhale slowly roll the roller in a straight line, stretching the body, while not touching the floor. Pause in the stretched condition. Then on exhalation, try to pull yourself back. To perform a few times slowly. Please follow the rules:

  • The press should be strained.
  • The roller is rolled slowly and gradually.
  • A delay of 1-2 seconds in an extended form.
  • You can make a diagonal rolled roller.
  • To follow the breath and the number of repetitions (8-10).
  • Exercise is contraindicated, hernia and back pain. Has several variations: on the fitball, the reverse roller and the rolled rod.

To make the exercise most effective, you need to consider some nuances. A set of exercises on a press in the hall to be carried out regularly, to have a system and be accompanied by proper nutrition.

The roller press is easy and small sports equipment. The simulator can be used in the gym and at home. It can be purchased in sports stores or ordered via the Internet. Price from 500 rubles. A good gym has it in his Arsenal.

Effective exercises with a wheel at the gym, in parallel with the proper diet will not only get precious cubes and also build muscle, buy Royal posture and say goodbye to excess weight. The best abdominal exercises possible in a well-equipped gym.