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How to perform a prostate massage yourself at home

Prostate massage still causes a lot of controversy among specialists, but most often these disputes are not about its effectiveness, and the frequency of its conduct. Aktiviziruyutsya thanks to massage blood circulation and facilitates the outflow of the prostate. Long-term observations showed that the manual impact has a high level of effectiveness in the treatment of prostatitis. Experiencing psychological discomfort as the massage is performed through the anus, the representative of the stronger sex in the first place worry about how to do prostate massage yourself at home. Do not inflict any self-massage of the prostate harm, and whether it executed successfully, consider the following.

From many sources comes the information that the prostate massage a young person can make their own. But, alas, it is not so! To conduct a full session of manual therapy is required to deeply enter into the anus finger, and it is quite difficult for a self-massage.

We can say that anatomically impossible to produce the massage, if the representative of the stronger sex, of course, not an Indian yogi or gutta-percha boy from the circus. And if the patient is overweight, this procedure itself becomes impossible. The way out is the help of a very close person, if he is a specialist in urology and knows what is an iron. Otherwise, you will still have to go for help.

How to prepare

The most important thing in the treatment is the presence of the diploma of a specialist. Ignorance of anatomy, contraindications, methods and techniques of massage only hurt the person and cause a lot of problems and complications. Homemade massage can successfully replace the session with the quack – the effect is the same. Therefore, the basic rules of preparation for prostate massage are:

  1. The choice of a competent and experienced specialist, and not have to rely on self-massage.
  2. The morning session need to clean the rectum from feces. This will help mikroklizma.
  3. To make the toilet of the perineum and the anus or to take a shower.
  4. 30-40 minutes before the start of the session it is recommended to drink about 1 litre of water, as the massage is preferably carried out with full bladder. This approach allows to achieve a desired contact of a finger and the prostate gland, which is impossible to do yourself.

Preparation for prostate massage is simple and not complicated and the patient requires little effort, it can be done independently. The client comes to a session in a strictly allotted time, and the doctor starts to massage. It is important to know that a qualified specialist will never start a manipulation, not ensuring the absence of contraindications, which the patienthimself will not be able to diagnose. These include:

  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Proctitis, abscess or fissures of the anus;
  • Fever;
  • Chronic prostatitis in the acute stage.

The course of massage

This procedure applies not only for disease treatment but also for diagnostic purposes. During the massage intensively allocated the juice of the prostate. If your doctor feels you need, he will gather the secreted fluid in a special container and sent to the laboratory for analysis. Performing self-massage of the prostate gland, the male is unlikely to collect material for analysis and to independently assess the condition of the gland.

Stage 1

The man frees the body from the clothing below the belt and he is on the couch in the knee-elbow position or on the side with painted chest feet. This position allows maximum relax the muscles of the pelvic floor and create favorable conditions for manipulation. Possible implementation of massage standing. For this, the patient rests his chest on a table or high bed, forming a right angle between body and legs.

Stage 2

The doctor washes his hands, wears sterile gloves and lubricate the finger and anus of the patient with a special gel or vaseline. Index finger the doctor inserts into the anus of the patient to a depth of 5-7 cm. He felt the prostate, the urologist evaluates its size, consistency, sensitivity and status of surrounding tissue. Agree, not knowing the anatomy and diseases of the body, it is impossible to independently perform massage. Self-massage of the prostate will be just useless. Even close people, making a rotational or translational motion in the rectum men, does anything but massage.

Stage 3

After the doctor will assess the condition of the body, it starts to perform manipulation. Cautious stroking movements performed first one lobe of the gland, then the other in the course of the excretory ducts. At the beginning of the massage movements are soft and careful and the doctor focuses on the patient's state of health. Then the intensity increases, but the procedure does not bring negative feelings.

Massage prostate complete by swiping across the Central notch on the outside. In total the manual impact on the prostate lasts about 2 minutes. Himself a man can't spend a massaging effect on the body and to achieve the desired effect for anatomical reasons.

The number of sessions appointed by the urologist. Most often it is the effect on the prostate is done once a week during the month. Yourself to massage glandular body impossible, but to be more effective treatment a man can do exercises in a special medical gymnastics. So no need to wrestle with the question of how to do prostate massage, and trust itprofessionals. Alas, but long-term observations give the right to say that self-massage of the prostate does more harm than good.